Cheat engine Guardian's Odyssey hacks: secret gift code mode.

Free cheats tools list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass. Code Guardian's Odyssey cheat list, hack: unlimited energy, gems, legendary gear, skill points, level up, premium summon scrolls.

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The king killed the seven guardians and stole their land. Then the king divide the land with corrupted lords. A dozen years later, one girl who survived is seeking revenge.
Press attack button at the bottom right of the screen to kill the enemy. Counter attack: the enemy that is attacking will be marked shield icon on the head. Press the shield button at the bottom left of the screen to counter the enemy’s attack.
You can now learn a new skill. You can get more skill points by raising character's level. Learn new skill to defeat enemies.

Guardian's Odyssey cheats, hack codes

1. S + 5fN4b3Kn - skill points
2. V + kAvWPLHi - unlimited energy
3. Enter Q + JXyyEPVP - increase maximum health
4. W + Pass uumAENFB - premium summon scroll
5. S + VkaExzFB - legendary gear
6. Enter d + Bh7029Q6 - hero skin
7. s + 3MCY0IYF - level up
8. W + ULbPSoRH - artifact
9. Q + xlbwasVQ - engraving effect
10. q + eP7k5sRt - gems
11. s + nYzozRF6 - secret combiantion

Control info Guardian's Odyssey: gather special gears which is having elemental effects and set effects and defeat powerful enemies. Only items of uncommon or higher can get special effects. Gear of rare or higher can be awakened, above rare grade can awaken special effects. A boss stage gives gear coin to summon new gear. Attempt engrave to reveal a potentiality of equipment. Receive special effect when maximum level is reached. The engraving effect depends on the type of item.

Hack hero & skills Guardian's Odyssey: ghost blow - is a continuous attack which inflicts the most damage with the last hit. Keep tapping the button until the last hit is successful! With each attack, da,age is at 20% and last hit damage is 800%. If there is a stunned enemy nearby, you can always use. You can use Ghost blow to a stunned enemy. Keep tapping blow 5 times.
Rush cheat code - charge to the farthest ranged enemies, dealing damage. When using this attack, you are invincible and can't be blocked by enemies.
Smash - stabs the target and inflicts damage. When Smash is in progress, you are invincible and the enemy can't block this. You can use skill every 5 seconds.
Stomp deals 150% damage to all enemies nearby.

Guardian's Odyssey gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. You can find more details about resources by touching the resource icon.
  • 2. If you complete the quest ”7”6 you can claim the reward above conclusively.
  • 3. If counter attack succeeds, the cooldown will be reset. However if counter attack fails, it can't be used for a few seconds. So wait for the right moment to attack enemy!
  • 4. You are able to purchase Grindstones and engraving stones with gold in the general shop.
  • 5. A gear of rare grade or above has a special effect. This effect depends on the piece.
Guardian's Odyssey Gift redeem codes obtain deluxe pack:
1. 0TZ5rv7kjQOniHN
2. Lm1ndVm4PriYoSI
3. SM5UDfdW8mZTuWP
4. kXZaOTxtGcModmY
5. q16x0kJH2i3jTh0

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