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In the year of 334, a prince from human land sought and found the mount doom in his dream. Being control by the evil, he broke the seal of the acient demon. Then Satan awoke, and summoned his army to man’s world. The army is strong and cruel. Most people choose to retreat. Final battle is coming, and you are the only one who can stop it.
This is Atlas city. YOur friends managed to get you here at the last minute. The battle is still raging. Head to the galaxy gate and get yourself some new teammates.

Guardians of The Throne hack

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Upgrade your chosen warrior with the skills you learn from fighting in intense, fast-paced battles! Take part in epic RPG battles and prove your skills to your enemies. Dominate the battlefield with your strategy and brawn and be the best leader of them all! The battle against fight demons and monsters starts here. The fantasy battle begins now!

Guardians of The Throne cheats, hack codes

Characters: flint - a warrior who has devoted his life to the study of the sword. His goal is simple: fight any and all who dare face him in order to improve his skills.
Flamera - is a highly skilled mage whom excels in controlling fire. SHe is able to summon meteorites, which devastate groups of enemies with ease.
Florence - follows the light and pursues Justice. Florence, under the protection of light, aims to defend the kindhearted and banish evil from this world at all costs.
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Devo - a goddess of the Elves and protector of the moon. Moonlight radiates from her skin, allowing her to heal the wounded and purify those infected by evil. Tap speed up to increase the speed of battle. Unrequired gear may be smelted down for resources. If you’re unable to beat an opponent, change your formation.

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