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Devastated by the war of Gods, the world sees no end of terror at the clutches of monsters. A devil worshipper Alcass Oreano Bwisen summoned a god into a chaotic world by dark magic. The summoned one was Patita the Fallen, once a fellow human but now a traitor to his own race. Bound by a mutual agreement, they established the monster empire which has been threatening the rest of the world. The Garam empire, the principality of Rohar, and Barp kingdom. Found the guardian guild in hopes of thwarting the monster empire's ambition. People hail their saviors as guardians crew for their heroic deeds. Meanwhile three heroes emerged from the guardians crew in their quest against the monster empire. The trio headed to the west where the monster empire lies, to defeat Kilva the deadly dragon, a creation of Patita. While they had hoped to destroy Kilva once and for all, the tree heroes were no match for Kilva and barely escaped with their lives.

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Guardians War –  hack codes

The defeat of the strongest members of the guardians crew shocked many people. Nevertheless, the guardian guild and guardians crew fought relentlessly to protect mankind from the monster empire. And after a long time after the loss to Kilva... A man appeared in the small village of Valdez, located on the outskirts of Garam, in order to become a guardian. Temple knight – he protect and support your team with the strong mentality. Expand the team's survival by acting as shield and using defensive and healing skills. Striker – with the attack to single enemies quickly, he attacks to neutralize targets to deal devastating blows to single targets. Demon chaser – she annihilate the enemy using physical skills learned through long combat experinece.

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Each character has a specific set of skills based on their class. In order to use a skill in battle, tpa the skill icon at the bottom of the screen. You can use one skill at a time and once the skill is used, there is a cooldown time for each skill. Tap the character icon to change to the detailed character screen. Tap the character icon again to return to the battle screen. Training room uses time to increase the character's and equipments' level. You can find information about the recommended levels and difficulty, properties, and obtainable rewards in the information windows. The celestial tower rests on the first of every month. Every time your character levels up, you receive 3 status points. Status pints can be used to increase certain stats of character and can't be changed once you have finished allocating them.

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1. DqrKd11Gua - keys
2. dMEmlq7ekZ - gold
3. qstWkaNX2X – tier upgrade
4. YJM5ZIJ34j – status points
5. zuQ7uZuyM3 – raid tickets
6. UqqJID0SlL - chest
7. 1ZXKBjzb3J – material package
8. P77GyH07vr – gems ruby

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