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Free hack Guildmaster Story cheats code list - power up, unlimited moves, gold, promo ticket, booster, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Guildmaster Story cheat world: my father always told me: you can do whatever you want, but make sure that you do it with passion, and that you never let other people tell you how to live your life. And you know what? He did die from Vodka Hamburger buffet syndrome. So you know he really meant it! And now, even though he left me nothing but this well established inn&casino worth millions of dollars, i’m not concerned. Somehow, i’ll find a way to rise above the humble, working class roots of my long dead, distant relatives whom i’ve never met to become a success.

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And not a regular success, but a real success: the kind of person who turns a decent amount of wealth into a pointless amount of wealth (to save the world, of course!). This is why my only goal in life is to build the biggest business empire the world has ever seen! And i’ll start right here in Villagetown!

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The only thing i need to do to win 1st chapter - is tap two gems of the same colour when they are next to each other. Also, my goal is at the top of the screen. That shows how many blocks i need to break to win the level. Sure, i could have figured this out by randomly tapping on the screen, but i’m training to one day write a book that passes off simple advice as great wisdom. Wow, i got three trophies! These games are always so easy at first, and then out of nowhere they get incredibly hard! That being said, it’s just like life: how hard you work is the only factor that means anything, and everything is completely fair. You just have to want it badly enough.

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New challenge - this time, i also need to break the stone blocks by making matches next to them. Glass covers prevent me from tapping the blocks underneath them. I’ll need to tap matching blocks next to them in order to break them apart. I hope i’ve been paying attention to booster blocks. I should tap on them whenever i want lots of things to explode at the same time. I’ll experiment with each of them as the game goes on to figure out what they do. I can also buy more of them at the bottom of the screen.

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