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Let me introduce you to the help button. This button is here to help you. Any time you feel confused, press this button. The button will glow when it has new information to share with you! The guild hall page - finish the tutorial to unlock the bulletin board! It will let you manage your daily quests. To begin combat tap on the empty slot to assign a hero. Soon you will get skills to further customize combat. Hold down the start fight button to begin the fight. Defeat enemies to gather crafting ingredients.

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Workshop - here, you can craft, upgrade and dismantle items. Workshop progress is not time based. Defeat enemies to progress items in the workshop. Upgrading an item or spell will make it 10% stronger (20% from +11 to +15). Dismantling an item will give you back gold and resources; make sure to dismantle old items that you don’t plan to use anymore. Tap an icon to boost it! It will progress 5 times faster! (unlocked at level 20).
Roster screen - here you can recruit new adventurers and rest your weary adventurers to restore their stamina. An adventurer’s health heals automatically after a fight, but they will lose stamina in proportion to the damage taken. Once their stamina runs out, they have to rest before fighting again. You will unlock more characters as you progress through the game, so make sure to come back to check.

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Characters: Mishea - is a balanced weapon master, who excels at both offense and defense. Backstory: as the great granddaughter of former high councillor Gregorran, high expectations were placed on Misnea from birth. She exceeded these in very way, yet could never escape the shadow of her forebearer. Growing increasingly frustrated with the pomp and ceremony of high society, Misnea abandoned her family ties to travel the world as a mercenary. Upon hearing of the guild master project, and its goal of stemming the growing tide of evil, she signed up despite her family’s protests. This war her opportunity to change the world, and more importantly, her chance to truly test her skills.
Gliocan - is a spellcaster specialized in healing magic and defense. Backstory - many dark deeds are committed in the pursuit of knowledge. Few know this better than Gliocan. As a young man, morality was no obstacle in his quest for scientific advancement, and no obstacle in his quest for scientific advancement, and no subject was taboo. At least until the experiments started.
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Fios - is a powerful spellcaster, adept at debilitating enemies. Backstory: very few have a mind for both the mystical and the technological. Fios is one such individual. He is a skilled artificer, who specialises in enchantments and gems. His craft is little more than a distraction for him though, a way to ease his mind from the constant whispers that fill his head.
Mirley - is a deadly assassin who slices through her foes with ease. Backstory: thrown into a criminal life as a child, Mirley is sharp witted and a natural survivor, who lived as a skilled conwoman until events finally caught her up. Locked away in a cell and left to rot, she was hated by many for reasons beyond her control.

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Character screen: this page shows everything you need to know about your adventurer. Click on the adventurer’s name to access the level-up panel. The name will glow purple when you have unspent points. In guild masters, all of your adventurers level-up together as you level up your guild. Defeating enemies will give your guild experience points, so make sure to keep hunting. You can click the adventurer’s stats to get a more detailed description of what they all do. Click on an item icon to change your adventurer’s equipment. Finally, you can use the share button to send you character to your friends and compare their stats and builds. kMu9Mq - supply box
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Purification: enemies get stronger and drop more gold every time you defeat them. After a harvest, they will gain access to new skills and they will have a chance of dropping more items when defeated. Purification lets you rewind one level of the harvesting process, meaning the enemies will be easier to defeat, but will also grant worse rewards. It’s all about finding the perfect balance. how and where enter

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