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Free hack Gungun Esport cheats code list - gold, heroes, weapon, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Gungun Esport cheat world: welcome to universe, my hero! Before staring your adventure. You need friends. That is mobiles. They own powerful skills. But it is not easy to use and control it. SO now you have to learn how to control their powwer. When both of you are the one, the road to become the legend in the battle of Gungun universe is not.

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Every mobile has 3 shooting skills. Tap button move right in order to move to a position closer to the target. SS skill is the most damage. Take your chance to shoot it as soon as you can. Your HP lost is transformed to rage point. When you reach full rage point SS skill will be actived.

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Base delay of mobile: when battle starts, the smalled base delay the more advantage to shoot first. System randomizes a player to shoot first when you are the same base delay. At beginning of each turn, your total delay is taken as a landmark = 0. It will increase after you shoot.

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This is the difference between pponent's delay and you. Your delay is smaller so you are advantage to shoot. Delay table will be updated at the beginning of each turn. Total delay will decide your shooting order in next turn. Shooting time delay increases 8 per second. You have only 20 seconds to use item, select shot and shoot. So take your time!

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