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Guns and Empires cheat world: ah, it's you! Finally we have you here...But, i'm afraid, you are a bit late. We need a new lord, or this city will fall into chaos. You need a legion of your own to expand the territory and hold off invaders. Please follow my instructions. Please deploy the hero in charge for your first legion. Now, please select the target to attack. Our aim is not only defeating all the enemies, but also capturing their territory! With more territories, we will become more powerful.

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Some of our infrastructure was destroyed during battle. Therefore, we need to build more residences for our citizens. My lord, it takes some time to complete the construction. However, acceleration items would shorten the time cost. When construction time is less than 2 minutes, you may use free acceleration to complete it immediately. Legions are the key to extending our territory, and the hero in charge is crucial to a legion. That's why we need to recruit powerful heroes. Maybe we can have a look in the shop.

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Every day, you have a free chance for gold lottery and don't waste the chance. Our troops are powerful enough to take down the enemies in no time. This is just the beginning of your conquest. Please follow the quest and become a formidable overlord. Don't forget to claim your reward. Whenever your legion levels up, its max troops will be doubled. All the battle info is recorded in battlelog page. You may tap on the battlelog to view the rewards or replay the battle.

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Buildings: city hall - is the main building of a city, which can be upgraded to unlock new buildings and raise their level cap. Residence - is the main source of taxes. Barracks - you can manage your legion and recruit soldiers in the barracks. Barracks can be upgraded to unlock more legions. You can levy the 4 basic resources from taxation. We met some problems on city development. After some discussions with the minister, i suggest you build some resource depots near your city to solve the resource shortage. Please build more resource depots on the territories near your city to increase the resource production rate. Tap on a territory - build and build a resource depot.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:by connecting your resource depots to your cities or depots, you'll gain a bonus in resource production. The bonus increases as more lands are connected, up to 20%. Therefore, please connect your lands as many as possible and build resource depots. Tap on soldier slot and add cavalries. Cavalries have high movement speed and are powerful against infantries. They are the first choic for charging strike. In a legion, you can have at most 3 teams of the same type of soldiers. Infantry class includes: infantry, heavy infantry and musketeer. Riders includes: cavalry, heavy cavalry and carabinier. Ranged type includes: archer, crossbowman and artillery.

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Tutorial Guns and Empires (wiki): Players may get the 4 kinds of basic resources from taxation. Each player may tax 3 times per day free of cost and spend gold to tax another 10 times. Once you've made up your decision, please tap on alliance button to select an alliance to join. Of course, you may also create an alliance. I'm sure many will be willing to follow your lead. Donate resources to earn alliance contribution. There is a limit to the contribution one can earn daily. Contribution can be used to exchange items in the alliance shop. View alliance members and promote or demote them in members page. Alliance leader and deputy leader may set friendly and hostile alliance. View such info in alliance diplomacy page. Friendly and hostile alliances are marked with special marks on the world map.

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