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Commander! Our Transport Truck is carrying troops ready to engage the enemy! Deploy some units now! Vehicles have abilities! Tap the Super Shot then tap the target to destroy a Bunker! Enemies and structures drop Commander Abilities! Tap to collect! Track your front line with this! This is your Main Base. From here you can launch attacks or defend against anamies. Let's attack again! You earned a new Unit in the last battle. Let's see them in action! Tap to add to your Loadout. We have defeated incoming enemies. A Defend battle is starting!

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hack GUNS UP Mobile Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): This is the Commander Center. It is the most important building in your base. Let's upgrade it so you can expand your army! Command Center - Controls resource storage caps and protects part of your resources from theft. Structure Upgrades require resources and an available Builder. Luckily we have enough to spare! You can speed up construction and skip the wait times with Gems.

cheat Step #2: We also need to improve our defenses! Let's place another Bunker! It will greatly improve our defense. Tent - Spawns waves of chosen units at regular intervals. You can also swap which units spawn from your tents to defend your base! More enemies incoming! Commander, get ready to defend your base!

code Step #3:Equip your new Commander Ability. It will help us in the next battle. You can review the previous training information, as well as additional information about the game by reviewing the Training Guide in the Base Hub or the Settings menu. Construct a Gold Mine in the Headquarters.

GUNS UP Mobile Step #4: Vehicle Station - Controls maximum unit cap for Raids and the stats of the Transport Truck. Grenadier - Wields deadly grenade launcher capable of dazing foes. The Sergeant improves the damage and accuracy of nearby allied units.
Crates - are timed loot boxes that give mystery rewards. Rarer crates give better rewards. Crates are granted through Battles and other Game Modes.
Builders - control the number of active construction projects. To oncrease the number of projects you can manage at a time, obtain more by Upgrading the Engineering Structure or by purchasing them in the Store.

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  • 2. Equipment - are items that can help improve Unit's stats, or grant them special abilities or resistances when assigned.
  • 3. Headquarters (HQ) - Your HQ is the center for storing resources, managing your upgrades and unlocking new content.
  • 4. Resources - Gold, Munititons, and Fuel are Resources that are used to upgrade your army and defenses. You gain resources using Generators, and from Raiding enemy bases. Additional Resources can be purchased in the Store.
  • 5. Your army's battle power depends on 5 important components: Units, vehicles, Equipment, Materials and Commander Abilities (CAs). You can manage/browse them all here in the inventory.
  • 6.Crates are unlocked with Keys, or with Gems. Crates give you mystery rewards -- the value of the items is determined by the value of the Crate.
  • 7. Veteran Lodgins - Review and manage your Veterans at this structure. Oil Refinery - Generates Fuel over time, allowing you to use Vehicles. Engineering - Provides additional Builders, Commander Ability slots, and additional starting energy in Attacks. Common Crate - Rewards are available when the timer ends. Medic - Semi-proficient unit capable of healing other troops. Assault - Short-range assault squad armed with submachine guns.
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