New cheats, hacks Guns of Boom: secrets, apk mode 2017

. Android game Guns of Boom cheat hack code - mask crate, gunbucks, hand grenade, health kit, boosts, upgrade, chests, weapons (New York, Unated state).

Game has been evolving all the time! Since the initial release, we've made hundreds (if not thousands) of game mechanic changes, reinvented the interface and gameplay. Today, we're finally ready to present hack cheat version. Gunbucks – all prices and gunbucks saving have been divided by 10. We've cut the extra zero from all game currency values, so counting your funds is easier than ever. Rewards for battles, completed quests and opened chests have been significantly increased. Now playing the game is more profitable, making it more exciting. Active players are rich players.

Guns of Boom cheats android, ios hack codes

Guns of Boom –  hack codes
Easy hack code upgrades – weapon upgrades are now less expensive. This is especially true for guns that are avilvable at the start of the game. What do you think is more effective: upgrading your good old legend or buying the next automatic weapon in line? Play and find out! Affordable luxury – we've dropped prices on the best guns in the game. Arming yourself to the teeth is now easier than ever. Interface – now when you enter the game, you'll see a quest screen, that will help you remember what your goals for battle. Also, we've reworked the reward screen that appears after the fight's over: it's now much easier to read.

Guns of Boom - secret code hack tips

Guns of Boom –  cheats secret bug
Use the joystick in the bottom left corner of the screen to move around. Move towards the target to open fire. Position controls how you want them in combat. Don't quit the battle until it ends if you want to get your well-deserved rewards. Enemy got too close? Strike him with a knife. Head – reduces extra damage from headshots. Titan – slowly regain health when it falls below 20%. Fumigator – restores health after every kill. Cowboy legs – slowly regain armor whenever you are not taking damage 9when wearing armor). Panther – increased movement speed.

how to enter hack cheats Guns of Boom.

1.  mask crate
2.  gunbucks
3.  hand grenade
4.  health kit
5.  boosts
6.  upgrade
7.  chests
8.  weapons

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