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Gunship Battle Total Warfare cheat world: the year is 2025. Global warming has accelerated post all projections. The seas are on the rise. Humanity has retreated from the shrinking shores. Amid mass migration and competition for scarcer resources, governments weaken and conflicts erupt. Like fish in disturbed waters, strongmen rise across the world, seeking power and the weapons that come with it. Other leaders, declaring they want to prevent an even worse catastrophe, have gathered to sign a denuclearization treaty.

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We remain at the highest alert. The fleet heading to dragonflies missile base has reached top speed. ETA is 15 minutes. Destroy any ship approaching the designated area is all we received. And that order was not from HQ. It came from the mergency response office. So an order from the politicians while HQ is silent. And on today of all days..Today, indeed. The signing of the denuclearization treaty. Hardly a coincidence. Not that the extremist organization are there, of course. The new World Armada just sent out a propaganda video claiming a breakthrough in obtaining nuclear weapons. And the politicians think the Armada will get their weapons by taking over our missile base? It is hard to imagine they have fleets capable of overrunning Dragon flies. Still, if the threat is real and the Armada takes over the base, what power will the politicians still hold?

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It took three months, but we've rebuilt the base. Now we can devote resources to building new ships. You can use items in your inventory. Improve the performance of ships by upgrading. There are 2 upgrade types. Firepower supports offensive functions and information suppots special attacks and survivability. Upgrade explosives - increases ATK by enhancing the explosive capabilities of warheads.

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You can receive support from the supply aircraft. If you call for a supply aircraft, it will drop a supply box near the radar. Its axact location is indicated by red smoke. You will need to bring your armored units for ground battles. You can improve alliance benefits as you level up the embassy. The commissary supplies food to armored units. Food is consumed every hour. As you upgrade your comissary, you can build more armored units and use food more efficiently.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Attack armada bases to get jet blueprints. Select the enemy you can inflict the greater damage. Select the target by touch or swipe the screen. You can use the attack skill, it will deal more damage. Units in the bunker are protected from attacks. You can get a steady stream of resources from your resource facilities. However, there are some hostile troops that will prevent us from collecting resources on the island.

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