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Free hack Gunspell 2 cheats code list - gold, energy, skill points, promo ticket, keys, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Gunspell 2 cheat world: hello, welcome back! The order is still on duty, protecting Earth from monsters and we missed you. I hope you did not lose combat skills during the rest? Sure you not, but let's do a test battle. I'll cut right to the chase! Collect three skulls to cause heavy damage. Collect three blue stones to cause small damage and charge your gun with mana.

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By the way, don't forget that now the order cooperates with loyal warriors from other worlds. Try not attacking them when you meet at the bar. The order provided some gold for training. Now that you have 100 gold coins, you can buy a chest with lots of useful things. Buy a chest to find new heroes, weapons, keys, and spells for your collection.

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Now let's get through preparing your equipment. Yes, yes, i know you remember everything, but rules are rules. You will need to know details about your items. Touch and hold until the information screen shows. Drag and drop the book to yourinventroy, or you just can simply tap the book. Sure, battle skills couldn't just disappear! let's check your abilities in a battle with a real opponent.

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Now we go to the arena, the place of our bouts, where members of the order can find out who is stronger. Victories on the arena give access to adventures in other worlds. Match four stones in a row to collect the full line. Open a spell book and cast a thunderbolt spell. You can still make a move after that. By the way, you can earn extra money in arena battle by collecting coins! Just remember that this trick doesn't work in adventures.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: fireball spell - it will cause some damage to the enemy and burn stones under the template. Place template to form a good combination after. A chest opened with a bonuse contains more rewards. Victories in adventures open an access to even harder adventures with a better loot.
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Tutorial Gunspell 2 (wiki): Welcome to a sequel of wellknown game 'Gunspell' where agents of The Order protect Earth from supernatural beings. Travel through incredible worlds, fight monsters and other players.
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