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Azria - an ordinary board game bar that only hosts one session per day. It suddenly became the hottest place in town and has a waiting list of 2 months. But bay doesn’t have to wait. Are you ready? I’m also bring someone new today! This us Bay and it’s his 23rd session he’s planned this year. We’re going to spend the entire day here. Let’s go...

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Lord Az said that someone with double helios would come to Luxium and asked me to wait here. I think it means that you share a soul with someone on Luxium. Only your soul is linked to Luxium, so your body didn’t make it. Speaking of bodies! Ypu might lose your mind if we don’t get your soul into a body soon. Pick an avatar. Slide the screen to pick an intial avatar.

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Avatars (characters):
Arcanist - lightning arcanists can manipulate Thunder Flux. They summon lightning to strike enemy, absorb energy from lightning and cast lethal spells.
Swordsman - attack requires a tactical mind and rhythm. They wield the giant swords and deal fatal blows if the weakness get revealed.
Exorcist: Soul - as an unknown branch of Kaism, soul sacrifice Exorcists know the very secret of souls. They can take soul forms, attack or control enemy with spirit spells.
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Spirit commandment Exorcists remain unchanged in their pious faith in Ka. They can not only heal allies with sacred spells but also sanction enemy with Holy light.
Holy light Exorcists are speakers of Ka in front of the mortals. Pious prayers grant allies with treatment of light or blessing of life.
But there’s not much flux left in the die. They need to be charged. You have to find the, first. Then bond with their souls! Fear not, fight with your new avatar!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Tap the top “change” to switch partners for the battle.
  • Try to control the power of your avatar and fight back!
  • Slide left area for free movement. Slide right area for view change.
  • Once your souls is bonded to party, then you can heal him by sending him flux! But you will need a huge amount of Flux.
  • Your avatar can also create special flux projections. A flux projection is connected to the Gyee's own body. The deeper your connection is with the Gyee, the abilities of the flux projection are closer to those of the Gyee's own. Osmond can heal teammates. This makes him crucial in some difficult battles.

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Hack cheats tutorial GYEE(wiki):
Your action orders will be displayed on the right. The red arrow means character is now a target of monsters. Look at the enemy’s Eyes of Hatred. Red Glare means the enemy’s hatred has been fully drawn. Yellow eyes means wavering hatred. Green shut - eyes means indifference to the character.
Make sure that your tank attracts full attention of all in combat monsters.
Accelerate - tap digit option to switch speed.
GYEE tutorial

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