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Hey buddy, i’ve been waiting for you! I just finished remodeling this gym, everything’s ready for you to take over. I’ll show you the ropes once we get clients. Well, lucky us, here we have one already! When they’re parked, they occupy one parking spot. We collect a parking fee while they stay here. FIrst, the client has to buy a membership card. That’ll grant them a bunch of discounts later on. Great, our first client already bought a membership!

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They’ve entered the multi-purpose area to star working out. THe area is kind of empty though, and those yoga mats are a bit boring. If we upgrade the multi purpose area, our revenue will get an upgrade as well. Upgrade mobility area: increase the price of mobility area. Increase workout efficiency - reduces the time spent by clients at each machine. Once you’ve upgraded the multi purpose area, the clients will get a better experience, and our profits will increase.

Gym Tycoon cheats, hack codes

The parking lot is too small, it’s almost full already. We have to fix this, or the clients won’t be able to visit. To add extra parking spaces, tap parking spot. Surveillance cameras - once installed, the price of parking is increases by 100%. Now we can receive even more clients. Marketing campaigns are key to building your business. If we place a few ads and pass around a few flyers, people will find their way here. Since we’ve just opened, let’s buy a TV commercial. Ad campaigns - promote your gym through various channels to build popularity and attract more clients.
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Remember that all ads only last for a limited period of time. Be careful to renew the once they end! Reception - is where you receive your clients and sell memberships. Make sure you have enough receptionists to avoid long lines. We’ve added a vending machine to the gym, to sell sports drinks. Make sure to keep an eye on it and collect the profits. If you follow the tips i’ve given you, you’ll be running the world’s best gym in no time!
We’ll need more cash to remodel and expand the gym,. I just set up a meeting with Warren E.Buffett. Take good care of the gym while i’m gone!

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