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2045 Wasteland Rebuild Game story

Beat the Boss Stage to earn tons of Gems. The injured troops need to rest. The zombies are more scattered here, let's take a breack. I need to leave for now and report back to my base. Let's clear out the nearby area. Tap the Hero Portrait to deploy. Tap the button to enter battle. Let me be a hero for a few secs. For I refuse to cover for a lifetime. Colt - Healer and Shield provider. Front Row Healing Tank. Tap the screen and drag left/right to rotate the camera. Tap the hero portrait to cast the ultimate skill (Mighty Swing) to defeat enemies. Fire Rain - Shoots a grenade that summons a huge column of fire to engulf the battlefield and burn all enemies, dealing 90% ATK as AoE DMG multiple times. Drag Betty to the center of the rear row to hit more enemies.

2045 Wasteland Rebuild Hack Basics trucos

Commander! Placing heroes in the right combat positions is of utmost importance. Our unit is only at its strongest when everyone is doing what they do best. Leverage faction counters and positioning to beat the stage. Tap the button to activate Auto Battle. I found an abandoned camp on my way over. We can rest there for a while. The camp's comm station is still operational. We can recruit heroes here to expand our team. Tap to enter the Comm Station. Quality gear will guarantee top-notch combat effectiveness! Select gear of excellent or better quality to enhance. Gear can be enhanced by using alloy and other pieces of gear.

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Stage 1-3: This is where your journey of post-apocalyptic survival begins. Take up your weapon and eliminate the zombies in front of you. Complete all Chapter 1 missions to get the Chapter Grand Prize - 10x Draws. Continuous fighting is the only way to get stonger! The Link Pod lets share your best heroes' levels with other heroes. When the Comm Station finds an elite hero, you'll have a higher chance to get an [Elite] hero on your wishlist (total elite hero chance is uncharged).

1. Players can select up to 5 heroes from each faction to add to their Wishlist.
2. When using the Comm Station to search for elite heroes, players have increased chance to find heroes on their Wishlist. The Wishlist bonus only comes into effect when elite heroes are found.
3. The probability bonus for heroes on the Wishlist is fixed and is not changed by hero quantity.
4. Eldritch Void and Future Force heroes cannot be added to the Wishlist.

2045 Wasteland Rebuild Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Quick Battle - Intensive quick battle, instantly gain 120 minutes of loot (excluding player XP)
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter 2045 Wasteland Rebuild cheat code - give: gear, premium scan pack, shards, summon x10, ultra hero, power boost, excellent dog tag, gems, gold coins, super monthly pass, enhance material, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Fight the Brigade Boss to earn Brigade Coins that are exchangeable for awesome gear at the Brigade Shop.
4. Solo Time - Plays constantly and creates materialized notes to deal 150% of ATK as DMG to all enemies and inflict Venom on them. Each stack of Venom can increase DMG taken by 50% of ATK.
5. Formation gives a 3 Argent Down team bonus. Focus on Betty for DPS. Betty's Ult "Rain of Fire" cn attack the opponent's entire formation. Anna's ATK buff and Fury recovery lets Betty unleash her DPS burst quickly. Front row: Colt casts a DEF shield for the entire team to greatly buff team survivability. Team: Healing from Anna and Colt ensures that Betty can cast her "Rain of Fire" ultimate 2 times to destroy the enemy. "If a fire can't purify you, we'll just set you a fire again".
6. Beat the Boss Stage to earn tons of Gems. Tap and hold to move the aiming reticule. Lead the zombies away from the camp to give construction enough time to set up defenses! Destroy as many zonbies as you can to make things easier for the camp!
7. Complete missions in the Survival Guide to get tons of resources! Complete Story Missions to claim great rewards! Clear Bounty Missions everyday to earn tons of Gold and upgrade materials.

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