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energy - use tRhToYkAj
off ads - ToKfpDx7t
secret combination - skKX3MO3S
auto merge - cYmW6WYzG
double rewards - hoYxapY26
limited hero - xAek19ECG
special package IV - EpQ82QBLj
gold - TygGF3d2R
2048 Heroes starter package - romA4ecSP
admin panel - q44GMHQsh
increase attack speed - H8OczEscK
artifact - use XbLNeQM0Z
treasure chest - 0jTd9TeEw

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2048 Heroes Game story

The story of great discovery. Welcome to the new world, let's get a new heroes first. You can get a hero by rolling the dice below. Get a hero and press back button to come back. You can get coins to roll the dice by win the game. First, shall we go on your first adventure? Press red flag button on the map. Now i'll explain about heroes, press tab below. On this page, you can check the hero information. Heroes can be upgraded. Check the abilities of the heroes. If you are ready, return to the explore tab.

2048 Heroes Hack Basics trucos

Shall we go on the next adventure now? Think carefully about when to use the skill and use it. Runner - a boy who loved adventure and running. He will be known as a great adventurer who has traveled all over the world. Every 5 waves, heroes in team will be the boss in the opponent's wave. When your hero rush into opponent's wave, the rune ability of the hero will be activated. Press the run, and check name and effect of runes.

enter cheat (2048 Heroes gift codes):
upgrade trucos - GakxjXdjO
level up - ROjasvF3l
daily pack - enter pass CamuwMlnm
admin account - 4fMwPwbuT
Month Card x1 - ChYhZBpGz
booster pack - wpjIcdY7q
evolve - y7jvXE8Ck
enhance - hzqtOdSTl
Characters are divided into common, special, and legendary levels. Depending on the hero level, the probability of appearing on the block varies. 16% chance for common, 8% for special, and 4% for legend. So it would be good to think about it strategically when building a team.

2048 Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Heroes will rush into opponent's wave according to the order in the team. Think of the runes well and team up. The order might even put your opponent at a corner.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter 2048 Heroes cheat code - give: energy, auto merge, moonstone, limited hero, special package IV, gold, off ads, increase attack speed, rune, artifact
3. Go to the heroes tab, and build your own team. Swiping hero up is letting hero out from a team.
4. Press the letter button below. In a welcoming sense, i'll give out the moonstone that i have collected! Take this and go to the store tab.
5. In shop tab, you can recruit new heroes or buy things useful for exploration.

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