Cheats hack 3K Ultimate Awaken code:search x10, awaken, equipment, light cards, forge, materials, stamina, lumilandia energy 3K Ultimate Awaken Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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3K Ultimate Awaken hack cheat code List

SSR hero - use NWsMlBTlq
focus shards - gAGUAFu6X
secret combination - CLKM8zODq
search x10 - WauGRd5UA
double rewards - z0shgBP8W
awaken - khA3McntR
equipment - uleXfFuPD
light cards - RtIaiOJ6b
forge - antqWo0Y6
materials - j6DKsWPRr
admin panel - MtyTFzwFI
restore HP - 07Q0IOngk
stamina - y5SOF59cI
lumilandia energy - tC3qAcLWs

3K Ultimate Awaken use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You must be the one the recruiting firm sent over. I heard you were at the battle of Xia Pi with L.B.'s gang. Why you are here now doesn't concern me. Let's quickly test your abilities to see if you are able to do what i require. Interesting, you found memory shards of Lady Rosita. It is quite uncommon to find memory shards with this method. I wonder if there is a connection. Keep going. I fight the 3 megacorps to stop their endless conflict. I have sacrificed much in this struggle. You show potential. Perhaps you can help me. I will lease you an office and leave my bot to help you. Go and build your team. I will come back to check on you later. Since you have a connection with Lady rosita let's find her with the help of team. I heard rumors she is restless. Either Bau or myself can take the initial focal hero position to tank damage for everyone.

3K Ultimate Awaken Hack Basics trucos

Your focal hero is highlighted in blue and the opponent is red. Tapping any hero highlights them in yellow and allows you to track their actions. Tap a hero icon to release their skills. When you have enough energy multiple hero skills can be combined to create a more powerful effect. use your U skill. Your focal hero needs assistance. Unlocked auto-battle functionality.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 1sS9hzAvN
level up - rhjIdsnXn
daily pack - enter pass yJsUV1CLh
admin account - 9XuzRckb0
Month Card x1 - PaRaihk3s
booster pack - R6NkHz3QW
evolve - ILksp7ssv
enhance - 6aT8eC2Q5
You can create a predefined program by tapping on a hero to add their skill into the program and swiping down on their circular icons to set up a combo. Tap auto to toggle between manual and auto battle. Sound effects will be off with 4x speed. Remember, complete your daily tasks to get resources. Heroes at equipment level 7 can release awaken skills by swiping right on their hero icon. The energy a hero gives you as part of their skill can be immediately used by other heroes as part of a combo.

3K Ultimate Awaken Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A 2x combo increases the skill effect of the second hero by 5% and costs 585 energy instead of 600. Each additional hero added to a combo increases their effect.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: SSR hero, focus shards, search x10, awaken, equipment, light cards, forge, materials, stamina, lumilandia energy
3. The chain skills together into a combo you need both enough energy and the heroes skill bar around their icon to be flashing.

3K Ultimate Awaken Hack tools Version:


3K Ultimate Awaken Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

1. qfeEwFRg3vRMCYl
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7. K95ad9dSQeQcTfP
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10. UzYzxV5cw0xR3Fe
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