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Game story

Far to the East lies the middle kingdom. The homeland of great thinkers and incredible artists. The land of mighty rivers, majestic mountains and mysterious forests. The legendary temple of south Shaolin first appeared here hundreds of years ago. Its inhabitants perfected their ancient techniques for centuries, training the body, mind and soul every day. Fearless monks defended the temple from both ruthless bandits and the terrible forces of darkness. But their greatest challenge was the invasion of the Wokou, pirates from the East, who landed on the country's southern shores. When the government, mired in corruption, was unable to withstand the enemy's assault, the Shaolin monks decided to break their own rules and help. Joining forces with the imperial army, the monks managed to defeat the Wokou troops at the cost of many of their own lives. Victorious, the monks returned to their monastery, and life went back to normal in the coastal towns. However, for the young fisherman Wei CHeng and his village, trouble followed trouble, seemingly without end.

9 Monkeys of Shaolin Hack Basics

You need a distraction and i happen to have some good news. You have learned much from me over the past few weeks, but it is time for you to see certain things that we teach only in SOuth Shaolin. Slashing strike - a fast, universal attack. Dodge - allows you to move out of the way of enemy strikes. Enemy golden attacks can't be disrupted by normal strikes. Press LB to parry them. Armored foes are more resistant to attack. B+B - thrust combo, disrupts armored enemies. Kick - leaps up to the enemy from a greater distance. Let's start with the focusing on internal power within you. Try to feel how it flows within your whole body filling every part of you. Go ahead with one of a strokes but keep it slow. Try to get all of your energy in it. Hold down x or b for an enhanced strike. Press LB to deflect a projectile back at the archer. South elements - it allows you to use your Qi to perform incredibly powerful hits. The first move is a round attack which inflicts damage on every foe close enough to you. Press down RT.

9 Monkeys of Shaolin Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Kicks are most effective if the enemy has no helmet or if they are airborne. Use kicks against unhelmeted archers as they allow you to approach from a greater distance and inflict additional damage.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: restore HP, weapons, items, mastery tokens, increase attack speed, exclusive outfit, upgrade, level up
3. If a section of the game seems too difficult you cna drop the difficulty level and then change it back.
4. Longqing green tea restores 20% of health. Press the up button button to dink it or hold down the up button to drink until full recovery.

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