Cheats hack A3 STILL ALIVE code:Enhancement stone, topaz, golden chest, fame, mana stones, golden key, diamonds, gold A3 STILL ALIVE Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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A3 STILL ALIVE hack cheat code List

Enhancement stone - use hack OSbzj2Ujz
topaz - enter pass 7GofmDyp3
golden chest - y1qbv6kkS
fame - AJYhPkLHx
booster pack - g3YAnxVZ7
mana stones - rp38eRMyY
Month Card x1 - ufERZh5o0
upgrade - wlibP9Nda
daily gift bag x10 - NgE2f18Fk
secret combination code - BjP015vV3
golden key - 50lllF4HN
diamonds - rOaugY0UT
weekly box - 3ngg0i8Lx
gold - QCc518il2
Weekly purchase (power up package, soul linker level up pack) - an3S37veO
material soulstar - aMrNuSJf7
battle pass - UOQQXE0C8
hayrens' essence - HLkxfkMPy

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Game story

Endless death and destruction, encroaching chaos. But there is still hope. The grail of origins, the relic that can bring back the goddess. At long last, we've arrived at the mountain of beginnings. As the Apostle of Inith, you shall help me save the world. Dragon blood temple - a temple housing the grail of origins, which can bring about the second coming of Inith. Enkaros' creations bar the way against Radienne and the Apostles of Inith. The last hope we seek, the Grail of Origins, lies ahead. But the dragons and demons stand in our way...We must defeat them and reclaim the Grail.

A3 STILL ALIVE Hack Basics

Berserker - an axe wielding berserker with high atk and an advantage in close range combat. Closes on enemies quickly and subdues them in seconds. Templar - armed with a hammer and a shield, the Templar is a sturdy tank with high DEF. Minimizes damage taken and rounds up enemies to inflict massive damage with a single blow. Wizard- the wizard's magical rings grant an offensive advantage in long range combat. The more energy the wizard gathers, the more powerfully they can strike their enemies. Assassin - the dagger wielding assassin has an advantage in close range combat. Uses various skills to weaken enemies and then attacks with impressive speed. Archer - the archer's bow gives them a speed advantage in long ranged combat. Quickly evades rampaging enemies and fires arrows to finish them off.

Hint & Tips

1. Face the boss in the equipment dungeon and raids to acquire top tier rewards. If the enemy is too strong, party members can help you defeat the boss.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: Enhancement stone, topaz, golden chest, fame, mana stones, golden key, diamonds, gold, Weekly purchase (power up package, soul linker level up pack), material soulstar, battle pass, hayrens' essence
3. You get rewards and points based on your performance after finishing a battle royale. These points determine your rank for the season, and you'll get a reward for your rank.
4. You can choose from a wide variety of weapons for battle royale. It's important to find one that you're confident with. Each weapon's skills cna be viewed in the weapon guide.
5. It takes a lot of work to reach a high rank, but it comes with great rewards. You can easily change between solo and team battle royale modes. Team battle royale is played in teams of 3. You can queue as a 3-player party or as a solo player, in which case you will be added to a party. You can send gathering or danger signals to your teammates in team battle royale, so make sure to communicate wisely. The team's overall performance is determined by the last surviving team member, so don't be discouraged if you died sooner than you'd like. Lastly, unlike normal battle royales, there are no points or season so you can play without pressure.

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A3 STILL ALIVE Redeem gift code

1. DdENKcupMtT2hlQ
2. hgursNeADLjY7Lj
3. M3Qphbao6q6ec6a
4. S79ZX5hW4guv4PE
5. GzrnPsK8gkEt5kF
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