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daily pack - enter pass wskNJ2rWf
admin account - Zf5DszFFz
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locker - kWDMGIfDL
Month Card x1 - IUi7BQkOO
street fighter - Dg6tS8Pem
daily gift bag x10 - LLbswBuyq
increase attack speed - SoDUvBkLx
best sellers - Q3PaQVKxZ
upgrade - BqbtDMRWU
level up - zgKa8HN5M
pistol maniac - PlYtMD8b1
equipment - AxdYzU4v7
hyperkoins - FQiMhe7pd
creds - T9Ib6zlLd
confiscated container - k2NRuxYXO
kits - juJn810Mf
resources - hwu47GNvQ
delivery - tb47psCNM
premium car - TPFcQOuAl
gold weapon - MhpjHGcXr

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Game story

Out of health? No biggie. Your insurance covers emergency room visits 24/7. Unfortunately, however, there's still a copay: you'll lose part of the experience you've earned, creds from your inventory, and some of your equipment's durability. Take a shower to restore your health and lower your intoxication. Remember: clean water is in short supply in Bardbury complex, so you'll have to wait for water based on the availability schedule. Don't forget to eat regularly. Starvation lowers your max health. Food not only increases your satiety, but also temporarily gives your stats a helpful bonus. And here's some food for through, every restaurant has its own specialty. One of humanity's greatest achievements is food delivery straight to your kitchen. There's a variety of restaurants in the area, so you can choose whatever you have a taste for, but keep in mind that you'll have to upgrade your kitchen to get more gourmet meals.

Cyberika Action Cyberpunk RPG Hack Basics

Weapons: pistols and submachine guns are most effective at medium distances. Shotguns have a shorter range but can hit multiple targets. Rifles, assault rifles, and grenade launchers are just as effective at any distance and have better armor piercing capabilities. Charging stations accumulate charges from the power grid. You have to charge your cyberarm if you want to use it. It costs charges to use cybermodules. You can get charges from charging stations or by finishing off your enemies with your cyberarm. Weapons can inflict kinetic, energy, laser, or blast damage. Different types of damage cna be more effective against different enemies. if the durability of your clothes or weapons decreases or even runs out entirely, you can fix them at the repair station in your apartment.

Cyberika Action Cyberpunk RPG Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you're bored with your appearance or sex and looking for a change, go see the plastic surgeon Downtown. At a paint station, you can change the color of your favorite weapon or clothes using a paint cartridge.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: restore health, off intoxication, locker, street fighter, best sellers, pistol maniac, equipment, hyperkoins, creds, confiscated container, kits, resources, delivery, premium car, gold weapon, unlimited ammo
3. Explore different districts of the city to get components for repairing and assembling equipment. Get the components out of the locker and fix the computer. Some containers may be secured with an electronic lock. To crack the lock, you'll have to follow the decryption instructions and choose the right sequence of characters. Lots of unnecessary items can be recycled into components using the recycling station in your apartment. You can view the details of your current missions anytime, anywhere by opening up the journal.
4. Outskirts - this is where you'll find the punks of the Razorheads gang, who roam the streets in search of easy marks. But seeing as they're poorly organized and get their kicks from committing vandalism, they don't pose much of a threat.

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