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Action RO2 Spear of Odin hack cheat code List

luxury card - use hack q6l0lCf1c
daily pack - enter pass 0YzqaB0jx
zeny - PrHksbo9X
ruby - DBKZdRdBd
booster pack - 9cAlxpJlh
legendary card - Xa9W09l4A
Month Card x1 - AqfJwNR2L
enchant - kaklFy5u3
daily gift bag x10 - MAex8OdCi
secret combination code - pJlw5CNu6
SSR weapon - Sc99YghUB
SSR armor - sI4M7qlBw
action points - xpFBYlu1i
upgrade - J4mp07x5J
level up - cnkgb0t7Q
material pack - 2SVNZGlx7
entrance ticket - I8zVk0PMe
costume (sleepwear, marionette, ninza) - hOzW6wKGY

Action RO2 Spear of Odin use cheats
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Game story

Hello, welcome to the world of Spear of Odin. Let's get you warmed up before you set out on your journey. Inventory - here, you can equip items, and you can also use different skills depending on the weapon you're currently equipped with. You're ready to set out on your journey - tap the adventure button. Chapter entry screen shows the chapter information at a glance. First, you can check the recommended abilities. You can also check the monsters that appear in this chapter and their properties. Action points are consumed once each battle starts and are automatically recovered every 3 minutes. You can choose a battle method among three types through the below button. Battle will be played manually with 'manual mode'. Auto target mode does not require player's input and automatically attack targets. Battle will be played automatically with auto mode. You can change play mode with the button. The speed of automatic battle can be adjusted up to 2 times. Click the speed control function above the auto battle button.

Action RO2 Spear of Odin Hack Basics

Don't forget, you can summon a card once a day for free. There are tro types of card: one for weapons and another for armor. You can check a type of card from the upper left icon on each card. You can check the detailed information of the card, such as its grade and property. Cards have 4 different properties. Fire is superior to Earth and inferior to water. Knowing the compatibility of the elements is tremendously helpful for fighting. Cards have 6 levels. You can increase their levels by using other cards. Register a material card, and you can check the resulting card level in advance. You can buy cards at the shop or find them in adventure and raid modes. Feel free to enchant and strengthen your cards.

Hint & Tips

1. Challenge yourself by completing raids and collecting set items. Earn better rewards when playing with friends.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: luxury card, zeny, ruby, legendary card, enchant, SSR weapon, SSR armor, action points, material pack, entrance ticket, costume (sleepwear, marionette, ninza)
3. You can upgrade cards to 6 stars. Maximum card enchant is 6 stars, after that you can evolve the card into the next grade.
4. Your weapon skills vary, depending on the weapon you're equipped with. Remember this wehn you improve your skills.

Action RO2 Spear of Odin Hack tools Version:


Action RO2 Spear of Odin Redeem code - premium gift box

1. XvM7LHUHcc3gJBm
2. wEc8iOcGwdcRnCK
3. N8uoDTzkikbxBqv
4. zLamNisyCrmYKYI
5. wrBQvpquh6QEc5M
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