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Adventure To Fate Future Arena Game story

Arise Champion! We have invited the greatest warriors throughout time to complete in an epic challenge! Welcome to the Tournament of Fate! This tournament will challenge your spirit, test your skills, and leave your life to the Fates, but you fight not only for honor but for rewards and riches beyond your wildest dreams! Heed these words, challenger: the Arena you see in the center of the room is where all battles take place. Tap the center square to start your battle, only in victory can you progress through the Arena to more challenges and greater reward! Trough you fight with only a pet beside you, you need not prepare for battle as such. To the East of each room are shops and vendors, they can aid you in your conquest with equipment, upgrades, and potions.

Adventure To Fate Future Arena Hack Basics trucos

This Arena is made up of ten levels, each more treacherous than the last, however, upon completing a level you will be rewarded with a skill or item to bolster your strength and abilities to take on the next level! Be aware, Champion, that upon defeating and leaving a level - should you be so fortunate - there is no returning. Any items you wish to take with you, but cannot hold on your person, can be stored in the Hero's Vault on the West side of the floor.

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To start a battle tap the arena ring! The arena ring is where you fight to compete in the Tournament of Fate. To attack select an attack skill from your skill bar then tap the Enemy. Your pet always attacks after your player. To attack or buff select a skill below. To attack select the skill and then the enemy. To buff or heal simply tap the skill. You can view your characters full stats by tapping on their summarized stats during the battle. You can hold your finger on a skill or potion to bring up the into screen.

Adventure To Fate Future Arena Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You must complete this arena stage before advacing to the next!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Adventure To Fate Future Arena cheat code - give: gold, increase stats, treasure, shield, restore HP, gems, resources, legendary pet, equipment, premium weapon, orb, rank up, exclusive skill
3. Trader Terance - This is the shop simply tap the merchant to enter. Each arena has its own shop with new and randomized equipment.
4. To use the vault tap chest! The vauld is great for transferring items between characters on your account or just extra storage for your items
5. You can view your skill info by holding your finger on the skill during battle.
6. Pets level up along with your player.
7. Mercenaries use their strength and size to wield powerful weapons and wear heavy armor in battle.
8. A sickly rat that has the ability to distract as well as infect its enemies. Your poison chance is boosted during battle.
9. If you are having trouble with a battle remember to try crafting new items and equipment.
10. By unlocking your vault you can transfer all items (not materials or gold) between characters all your characters.
11. You can find new pets at the stsrt of the next arena on the choose your treasure option.
12. Equipping better equipment makes your character stronger in battle.
13. You gain new crafting abilites every two levels. If you are short on crafting materials you can replay previous levels to find more.
14. You are in Destroy Mode! Anything you select in your inventory will be destroyed and disenchanted to orbs! There is NO undoing this action!
15. You gain new skills as you level up but you can also find new skills in skill books at the start of new arenas!
16. When you destroy an item you actually disenchant it info materials that can be used for crafting.
17. You can view your characters full stats by tapping on their summarized stats during the battle.

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