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Game story

Welcome to our flighting training school. With this tutorial, i'll show you the basic controls of an aircraft. The aileron makes the aircraft bank - control it by tilting left or right. The elevator makes the aircraft pitch up or down - control it by tilting forward or backward. Throttle and wheel brake are operated using the power slider on the left side of the screen. Learn how the aileron influences flight attitude. It makes the aircraft roll, resulting in a bank. Your task: steer the Cessna to different given bank angles using the aileron. Bank left first, then right, finally roll back to horizontal position.

Aerofly FS 2021 Hack Basics

Now we practice holding a target altitude. For a horizontal flight, the nose has to point slightly upward. Pitch is adjusted smoothly, depending on whether current altitude is above or below target. Your task: keep flying at an altitude of 3000 fleet for 60 seconds. Power settings: here you learn, how engine power setting influences horizontal flight. At full throttle the Cessna has the tendency to climb. At reduced power the nose will turn down. Your task: hold altitude at two different power settings. Slightly push elevator at full throttle to counter climbing. Slightly pull elevator at reduced power to prevent descending. Learn how to fly a simple turn. The aircraft is rolled into a bank and is held in that position for the turn to continue. To end the turn, back is simply reduced to zero. Bank the aircraft to fly a left turn. Then roll back to horizontal position to fly straight again.

Hint & Tips

1.You will learn how to use the compass to fly different courses. In addition to the well known cardinal directions, the compass also shows heading in degrees, ranging from 0 to 360. Fly heading in different given directions using the compass. Keep each course for a while.
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3. Straight level flight - now you have to learn how to control two things at a time. This is crucial for a correct straight level flight. Course is controlled by making small corrections in bank, altitude is held as usual by applying elevator. Fly straight and level for 60 seconds. Stay at a heading of 210 degrees and at an altitude of 3000 feet.

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