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electricity - use A78ku8Zp1
off ads - YYvLIDZCE
secret combination - OTej0Vkcd
unlock territory - wYcFgTw1L
double rewards - FgbAam4J5
coins - MKJyKuBgL
auto clicker - 7xpqGhBJD
speed up - 60Yhggx2D
starter package - q4UkkqIGX
admin panel - OlzcJlEXW
fuel - KrJWPFGhl
increase your maximum number of passengers - use 6VmxP9WNJ
cash - k371zXudd

Aerotropolis use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome! My name is cheat-on. I'll help you get started. Airport city is a great place to make your dreams come true. Complete the flight, please. This will earn us some coins and experience. Soon, you'll be able to manage flights across the globe! Let's carry out a training flights first, though. Let's see how the ground service prepares the plane for the flight. Always look out for any quest planes waiting for permission to land. Build a second stand to service more planes simultaneously. Stand - this building allows you to service one more active plane and guest planes. THis building's construction will take some time. You can speed up the process for free.

Aerotropolis Hack Basics trucos

It's time you bought a new plane. You can do that in the operative hangar. You can manage your fleet here. Your plane is ready and is waiting on the stand. Send it on its first flight. You can monitor the state of your planes. Passengers need a place to live in your city. Let's build a cottage. Every building needs a road nearby. Drag or tap to place road, then tap green tick to confirm construction. Check out your journal for a list of available missions. Completing missions will bring you rewards.

enter cheat (Aerotropolis gift codes):
upgrade trucos - udOEfojVA
level up - hy8zRvSjs
daily pack - enter pass nqUXVdElX
admin account - i7m5yOoqS
Month Card x1 - c74kus1Yt
booster pack - w0YuNxmfC
evolve - hQA5U6xLn
enhance - nScmsoeUA
The more efficiently we service planes, the easier it is to keep to schedule and meet our passengers' expectations. Build an additional terminal section to service planes much faster on the nearby stand. A terminal section allows you to service the plane on the stand in front on it faster.Continue to develop your airport city, you're doing great. Your pilots should train on shorter routes before flying to distant countries. Now let's launch another flight. Extra flying hours are a priceless experience that will prove very useful in the future.

Aerotropolis Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. To earn airport cash, increase your level, play the game daily and participate in game events. You can also buy cash at the bank.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: speed up, electricity, unlock territory, coins, auto clicker, fuel, increase your maximum number of passengers, cash
3. Passengers can be collected by visiting residential buildings or received as gifts from neighbors.
4. Use additional fuel to speed up the flight to the small village. Additional fuel will make your flight almost instantaneous.

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