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AEW Elite General Manager Game story

Welcome to All Elite Wrestling! Congratulations! You've been hired as the newest General Manager! It's Wednesday night, and you know what that means! We're about to kick off another amazing episode of AEW Dynamite!" Oh, no! It looks like we've had a last minute card change and need a new opening contest! Here is your first test as a General Manager! We're going to need to book one of the wrestlers from your roster to fight in this match. Let's book the "Best Bout Machine" himself, Kenny Omega! We're here in the schedule menu. Let's open up our roster to see our available wrestlers. Drag Kenny Omega's card into the empty wrestler slot. Great! Let's simulate the show. Stupendous! You're a natural at this! Now we need two singles matches for AEW Dynamite. Tonight's show needs to highlight both our women's and men's division. If you ever need to check your objectives for this scenario you can always tap this button.

AEW Elite General Manager Hack Basics trucos

Adding the wrestler will remove the currently assigned wrestlers. Are you sure you want to continue? You're doing great! Be sure to book the matchups with competitors in the same division. The key to success at any company is managing your money correctly. Let's spend some of this hard-earned cash to recruit some new talent. You'll need to sign two wrestlers and book them for a match. Remember to be mindful of how much money you have. Now, notice that Chris Jericho is more expensive than the other wrestlers. Select a less expensive wrestler so that you will still be able to afford to set up matches. You've got the basics down, but do you have what it takes to book a hard-hiting episode of AEW Dynamite? To talk about wrestler attributes, I'm going to throw it over to my colleague Excalibur!

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First, open up your roster to see your wrestlers. Great, now tap a wrestler to view a detailed breakdown of their stats. Every wrestler has a Strength stat. The stronger a wrestler is, the more likely they are to bring home the W. A wrestler's speed is a measure if the intensity they bring when fighting an opponent, which directly affects the match's popularity. And finally, the more popular a wrestler is, the more popular the match, and the more money it brings in. Now that you understand what makes a wrestler tick go ahead and book a match for this week. That was tremendous! Utilizing the different for each wrestler is critical to booking the best matches. Let's take a look at how taht match affected your wrestler's stamina. Stamina measures the energy level of a particular wrestler. If a wrestler's Stamina drops too low, the risk of injury will increase. The higher the wrestle's Endurance, the more Stamina they will recover each week. Be mindful of your Stamina levels when booking matches!

AEW Elite General Manager Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Money gained is increased for each wrestler involved with this perk. Activates when in match with wrestlers who also have this perk: +20% cash earned to wrestler for 1 match.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter AEW Elite General Manager cheat code - give: grimmick voucher, cash, unlimited stamina, full morale, increase stats, popularity, strength, speed, endurace, perks, legendary player
3. Wrestlers with high popularuty increase the hype of their matches, boosting match popularuty.
4. If you did not fight in the previous week, you do not lose stamina or morale this week. Activates when this wrestler rests for 1 consecutive week. +100% morale loss reduction to wrestler for 1 week +100% stamina cost reduction to wrestler for 1 week.
5. A wrestler's morale improves when a wrestler is booked favorably from week to week but decreases when booked multiple times in a single week. Morale provides an increase or decrease to the efficiency of a wrestler's strength, speed and endurance.
6. Many of the wrestlers at All Elite Wrestling have Perks, which give them bonuses in certain conditions. For instance, wrestlers who perform well in tag team matches will have a Tag Team Perk. Let's see how this particular perk plays out in the ring by booking two tag team wrestlers in a matchup. Absolutely incredible! These are some of the most exciting weeks of AEW Dynamite we've seen!
7. Now it's important to remember that match formats have different costs and affects on your show. Some even have bonuses! Some match formats could negatively affect the health of your wrestlers. Choose your match formats wisely if you want to book the best show week after week!
8. Gimmiks are weapons and items that impact the outcome of matches. Assign them to your wrestlers and watch the maythem unfold!

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