Cheats hack AFK Battle Idle Princess code:silver valley book, oath book, friendship points, honor, glory feather, soul AFK Battle Idle Princess Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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silver valley book - use TxxNiI6Q0
oath book - JT6vsg38S
secret combination - eaDQvSwlm
friendship points - PuqPaLwO2
double rewards - Kb4Be972R
honor - FcHjqdQXU
off ads - rZIhn6buw
glory feather - FMFP0QT8o
soul - jAdJCwley
admin panel - v6YbBXpvk
vip pack - 5sShF7kbY
diamonds - use 6z0XrFF94
weekly gift bag - RPGqFM7AR
artifacts - CPEsKpY5t
seeds - F5tsVgF4I
double rewards - cB9g39mvK
hero shards - WJrXJhA7y

AFK Battle Idle Princess use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I am your Goddess Qiya, enemies are coming, are you ready? First, you need to find partners. Angels are trapped in the book. Open it to awaken angels and they will fight with you. Click on the portrait and the angels will fight immediately. Your unit will fight automatically. If they defeat the enemy, you will gain experience and gold coins. The enemy leader will arrive at the battlefield, please survive. Be careful, the enemy leader has a unique force. You are lucky to get shards! Let us look at its use. When you accumulate sufficient shards, you can summon an angel by tapping on their portrait.

AFK Battle Idle Princess Hack Basics trucos

Next, strengthen your heroes to get enough fighting capacity to challenge the enemy. In this world, the fighting spirit of Angels is precious. Destroy weak heroes to accumulate fighting spirits. Well done, it's time to upgrade your units. Grant fighting spirit to your angel to maker her stronger. Do not forget your weapons. The higher your level, the more soldiers you cna lead to the battlefield. Don't forget to collect your spoils of war. To find treasures for yourself, go to the Sun mart. If you find the glory feather, buy it!

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - kqNkwhUak
level up - n2oiTTMKo
daily pack - enter pass gBlgfKmhO
admin account - zlhEaeTFg
Month Card x1 - Y8AaZa0jD
booster pack - RvdyDPQUU
evolve - BS7lF4G6G
enhance - tCey1YIm9
Remember to open the silver valley book to get an legendary angel. Check the fighting status of your units. Collect your idle war spoils. Watch out for thieves. Summon temple activity is open, you will get the following awards for daily first login. The enemy is getting stronger. Get equipments and go boost your CP. Wearing equipments will improve our CP. It's still available to enhance the equipment and then get more attributes.

AFK Battle Idle Princess Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. A total of 8000 gold has been accumulated in the gift pool. Claim gifts 5 more times and then you can get the gold.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: silver valley book, oath book, friendship points, honor, glory feather, soul, vip pack, diamonds, weekly gift bag, artifacts, seeds, hero shards
3. Level up your characters to increase their basic attack, defense and HP!

AFK Battle Idle Princess Hack tools Version:


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