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Age of Dragons Empire War Game story

My partner was severely wounded in the previous battle. He can heal himself over time, but the territory can be Attacked by the Rebels at any moment. My Lord, there is a very experienced pharmacist in the town. Why don't we go pay him a visit and ask if there is a fine potion for fast recovery? We have witnessed your valiant action in the battle. I believe that you will bring peace to this land.
Thank you for your trust in me. But the Dragon that fought alongside me took quite a severe blow. If we don't treat it soon, I am worried that we won't have sufficient Troops to fend off another Attack from the Rebels. I can make some special potions, but I still need some more materials. I remember that the villagers by the forest should have the things I need.

Age of Dragons Empire War Hack Basics trucos

There is no time to waste now. Let's get down to business. Farm - Upgrade it to raise Food production and storage capacity. Now that we have the farm, we won't be starved again. These are the things you need, please take them. This city is now full of hope. These are the things you need, please take them. Herbal - The precious herbs used for healing. With these materials, you can now ask a pharmacist to craft for you. These are the stuff, please wait a moment, my lord. I shall get to work right away. Healing Potion - The potion merged through crafting, which can heal the wound of the Dragon. My lord, the potion is ready. Let's use it to heal the Dragons now.

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We can finally taken care of the most important matter. Now we can handle some small groups of Rebels. But it is going to be a long and persistent journey to develop the territory. As long we have strong power, I believe that we can handle more difficulties. It seems like there are quite a lot of Rebels around. Let's get this battle over with. Please tap to select the Dragon to join the Match. What an exciting battle, our territory is safe for now. If you want to make the Dragon more powerful, you need better food to feed them. Upgrading buildings can increase the damage of Dragon Breath. There are still some Rebels near the territory. Eliminate them to protect your people. With the help of the Dragon, it should be easy to deal with these foes. Please tap to select the Dragon to join the Match.
Our land is safe now. Let's see if there is something else we can do. There are many cities scattering around on this land. They all have their own unique features. Look over here, my lord. You can see the flag and position of each city. You will also find our own flag and position. An empire is not built in one day. Let's start our journey to the supremacy.

Age of Dragons Empire War Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. When the Dragon reaches a level, you can unlock additional skill slot to boost the exclusive skills of the buff.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Age of Dragons Empire War cheat code - give: resources, speed up, gold coins, premium dragon, vip status, growth, increase stats, unlimited energy, food, wood, stone, iron, points, rank up
3. Seems like you have already know the other way to make the Dragon more powerful. Please try to equip more skills to boost the Dragon's power. I hope that you can create or a join a suitable warband, my lord. We need the power of our allies to conquer even stronger enemies.
4. Building Tavern can unlock Login Reward. Why not entertain yourself to a drink now and then?
5. In the game there are many events, everyone can gain the event reward for free, and the rewards will help you level up your power and grow your city. Please rember to join an active Warband, more allies and more rewards, here are the ways to gain the prized reward.
6. There are more than 100 cities on the Dragon Continent awaiting your rule. Each city will provide you and your warband with substantial bonus. Knowing how to capture and attack enemy cities is an essential skill for every qualified lord.
7. The city cannot be the target of an attack when it is not open. To ensure a fair gameplay, the city will be open in accordance to the server time.
8. Unlock Stage commences when a city is unlocked, spawning powerful enemy units guarding these cities.
9. During the unlock stage, the city will be available for each lord to fight over. Defeat the defending enemy units of a city to capture the city. The more units you have for the attack and the higher level they are, the greater the chance you will have to win.

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