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Game story

Buy components to build your empire. This is a game in which the city with the highest score wins! Increase score by having the most culture in your city at the end of each round. We must start by building our city. To do that, we can buy one of cards with our gold. Upper left corner - this is how much gold each card costs. Enemy's city has more culture than us! The next addition will be decisive. Let's see how much score we were able to gather. We have scored higher than our opponent (9 us 6). You've learned how to build your city. Now, let's learn how to raid castles.

Age of Rivals Conquest Hack Basics

FIrst, choose hero: Lorenzo - a fair knight turned king backed by a cavalry. Ziana - a fearless guerilla leader from a ravaged land. Second, buy cards with attack to build our army. Let's use their attack to raid castles. By raiding castles, we can increase our score and gather more gold. Castles are raided by the rival whose army has the highest attack. Draw between our armies - when this happens, we'll both win the spoils. Raiding those castles pushed us a lot further ahead. During war, we must defend against enemy attacks. Just as they must defend against our attacks.

Hint & Tips

1. In war, cards with defense helps us guard our city's culture. We must assign our cards to block the enemy attacks. Damage will permanently lower a card's defense.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary card, gold, shield, increase attributes, credits, boss stage, hard mode, exclusive hero, title, vip status, level up, battle pass
3. Knocked out cards will not increase our score at the end of the round. Adding a ruin to the city makes you lose score, but it will always grant a bonus.
4. Defense isn't enough to withstand the attack? When this happens we'll lose gold. If we have no more gold, we'll start losing score. Think carefully when blocking attacks in order to protect your score.
5. Real matches have more than one round. Managing your resources is key.
6. Select which cards you want to see more frequently on the rival tab. Hold your finger over cards to see their details.
7. Card abilities are powerful effects that happen at different times during matches.

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