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Age of Valanti Game story

Valanti was a beautiful world, many tribes lived in here. But for centuries, people have been in the shadow of those huge, dangerous, and brutal monsters. Courageous people showed up and stood against the enemy. And new heroes are assembling. That is what happened, through an unbelievable effort, the black flame lord was defeated by these heroes. Do you know the black flame lord might still alive? No one ever found its body. And recently, someone find the black flame again. That is a horrible black fire, it controls people and monster, and... Enemies attack! Click battle to enter the battlefield.

Age of Valanti Hack Basics trucos

Tap on the portrait to put Brox into the fight. Lela is a wizard, her basic attack could penetrate enemies. SO we better place her i a good position. Brox has just comes up with a good tactic! Tap his head image to switch master hero. The archer which standing behind is a threat! We have to deal with him first! We have to deal with him first. There are too many of enemies. I am afraid we cannot hold out for long, we have to figure out some ways.

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Tap the hero button to check your heroes. Tap the level up to level up your hero to level 5. You can gain experience and coin from IDLE rewards. Tap the equip all button to equip the best gear. natalie is a special hero, she can shoot an extra arrow when she dodges. You can take advantage of it. Now that we have unlocked the summon altar, we cna summon heroes here.

Age of Valanti Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you want to return to town and manage your items, skills or just escape if things get tough, you can use the town portal. It will spawn a portal that you can click to enter. The portal will only hold for a few seconds, so enter it quickly.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Age of Valanti cheat code - give: legendary hero, gears, gold coins, summon x10, weapon, gems, artifact, rune, promotion, speed up, battle pass, treasure chest, craft materials
3. In the character window you can manage your equipment, inventory, skills and other things. When you open the window in battle, the game is not paused, so it's usually better to return to town to manage your character.

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