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Albion online Game story

The first step Drag the joystick to move and find a way off the beach. The first quest Current quest objectives are displayed in the box on the left. You remember the taste of the salt and burning wood...Has your ship been attacked? Is this Albion? Where are the others...? You need to get to higher ground. Quest Areas and Quest NPCs are marked on the mini map. The action button adapts to your environment. Use it to talk to the survivor.

Use Spirit Use the spell on your boots by tapping the spell button. Information is key Return to Wounded Crafter in the Lighthouse. These Heretics will curse the day they shot at us. You'll need a weapon, friend. I'm sure we can craft you a crude sword. Bring me some logs and stone. Gathering Resources can be found just off the path. Tap the resource or the dynamic action button to gather it. Give the resources to the Blacksmith. He will help you craft your weapon. Go to the Blacksmith, craft a Beginner's Broadsword. Open our inventory by pressing the glowing button, equip your sword. You can find your Beginner's Broadsword in your inventory

Albion online Hack Basics trucos

There is Combat fame earned by defeated enemies Gathering fame for gathering resources and crafting fame for crafting. Destiny board Details can be viewed by selecting a node. You will unlock equipment and skills by fulfilling the requirements of the next level of the node. You can follow the progress of a specific node by tagging "Track". The progress of tracked nodes is displayed on the destiny board tracker located in the top right corner of the HUD. Through the gate Get to the ship and find the rest of the crew.

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World map - Here you can find information about the whole continent of Albion. Individual regions in Albion are called zones. Tap a zone to open its specific zone map. Here you can find more detailed information about the selected area. TIP open the zone map by tapping the mini map. The detail bar above shows all important information. Name and PvP rules For example "safe region - players can't attack you. Miscellaneous Displays info such as the number of players in the cluster and times for Guild battles (GVGs). Information Shows which resources can be found in this zone. Which resources are available depends on the zone's blome.

Albion online Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Characters cannot be renamed. If you delete this character later, you will lose everything associated with the character, including all items, pack rewards, Premium days and Silver.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Albion online cheat code - give: gold, silver, equipment, weapon, materials, mounts, speed up, premium 360 days, artifact, founder pack, legendary chest, materials
3. You will be able to choose your starting point in Albion. You can use this as an opportunity to meet up with your friends.
4. Market place Here you can sell and buy items. Once you leave the tutorial, marketplaces in the cities will be purely player-driven. Searching Use the search bar to look for specific items or the dropdown menus to browse.
5. Equipping Equip items by dragging and dropping them into the proper inventory slot. TIP: double-tapping automatically equips items.
6. Combat Press the attack button to auto attack the closest enemy. TIP use your abilities for more powerful attack.
7. There are 5 biomes in Albion: swamp, forest, steppe, highland and mountain. Resources found within the zone are displayed in the top right corner. Know your place Return to Crafter Silas in the cover.

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