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Alchemist & Dragon Game story

If you want to understand the history of alchemy, you should know the story of Masefield. To uncover the ultimate truth, Masefield traveled all over the world and collect six Pasia Gems, he then combined them to summon the legendary dragon - Doom Drake. However, Drake went berserk and killed Masefield and anyone who comes near. And the flourishing land became a land of chaos and desperation. At that moment, two Masefield's disciples came forward. One is Lloyd, the founder of Draconiacs, who tried to absorb the power of Drake. The other one is Arthur, the head of the Round Table. He used a different way - summon another dragon to fight against Drake. The new dragon and Drake fought for three days. The sky was rolling with black clouds, and the sea was roaring. When both dragons were severely injured, the Draconiacs came out and killed Arthur. And his dragon fell with him. Right before the Draconiacs tried to absorb Drake's power. Some of Arthur's followers sealed Drake and escaped after a heavy loss. They hid the seal's key in a devious small town and guarded it for generations after generations. But in the darkness, the evil is rising again...

Alchemist & Dragon Hack Basics trucos

Finally, the Drake was vanquished. But Pasia gems were scattered to all corners of the world in the process. Nations and forces schemed ahgainst one another, over the ownership of these gems, each an immense source of power. Thus began an endless war, injuring and killing many. Among the war's victims were Lilian, a shadowfiend girl, and her friend Amanda. To protect Lilian, Amanda took a heavy hit in her arm. The sight of an injured friend enraged Lilian, unleashing a torrential outburst of uncontrolled energy. She managed to take Amanda out of danger, but one Pasia gem was blown miles away in the heated battle, Landing in an otherwise nondescropt tavern, where it vanished in an illuminated magic array. Meanwhile, guided by Manav the familiar, Lilian and Amanda followed the track of the gem to the Sunset Tavern...

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You can still deploy more heroes! Deploy this hero to fight to you! Start exploration after you're fully prepared! Many dangerous monsters are lurking in the forest. Stay alert! Adjust your hero positions based on enemy lineup. Attack enemies to recover Energy. Once energy is full, you can cast a powerful ultimate skill. You'll only get a reward after killing the same monster for the first time. Spike Trap: Kills adventurers standing on it upon rising. Can be disarmed when the spike retracts. Make sure that you don't step on it when the spikes are up. Check here to see how many monsters are in this area.

Alchemist & Dragon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Hero Recruit unlocked! You'll get free heroes over time. By speeding up the recruiting process via Diamond Recruit, you'll get tons of heroes and an epic new hero.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Alchemist & Dragon cheat code - give: recruit, divine hero, gold, diamonds, speed up, dew, evolve, reset, materials, skins, offline reward, start pack, vip, promotion
3. Evolve your heroes to increase their rarity. Higher-rarity heroes have more unlocked skills and higher Power. You can also come up with your dream loneup via Elemental Conversation.
4. Heroes are recruited in the Tavern over time. Identical heroes you recruit will be automatically evolved. Evolve the heroes you've recruited in time to make them more powerful.
5. Filter heroes of the same element and rarity to evolve. Enable "Auto Combine" to quickly add material cards! Use to convert a hero (epic or above) into a new hero of a different element.
6. Disarm Spike Trap - Spikes are either up or down during each turn. When a spike is up, the adventurer inside the space will die. Disarm traps when they're down.

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