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Alchemy Stars Game story

Now you and that Aurorian should be able to see Light Trails of different colors, right? By connecting tiles of the same color to farm a battle path, you can direct her to move along the path and eliminate the Eclipsites! There's a path here! Try attacking when passing by Eclipsites ... You can attack multiple enemies at a time! The power is making me move a lot better. If you cam guide a longer path, the Aurorians can cast an even more powerful Chain Combo! Once a chain reaches a certain length, it will automatically trigger a Chain Combo. Generally, the longer the connection, the more powerful the Chain Combo.

Every Aurorian's chain combo has different effects and trigger conditions, so mix and match as you see fit! An Aurorian's true worth comes from what she displays beyond her power. Vice's Chain Combo can attack multiple enemies from long range. The longer the battle path, the more attack targets there are. Try using a longer path to guide her in using her skills!

Alchemy Stars Hack Basics trucos

Characters can only attack when they travel along paths corresponding to their elements, bit Captains are not restricted by this. Fire Aurorians attack only on red tiles, Water Aurorians attack on blue tiles, Forest units attack on Green tiles, while Thunder attack on Yellow tiles. Choose the connecting colors reasonably for the Aurorians to attack! To prioritize efficiency, draw a path that will allow multiple heroes to fight together!

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When multiple soldiers are deployed, only those with the same element as the tiles in the chain will act. Red tiles will activate Fire, and blue tiles will activate Water. Green tiles will activate Forest, and Yellow tiles will activate Thunder. Don't worry, Captain will ignore the elements and act every round. Connect the yellow tiles into a path and Angel, a Thunder Aurorian, will attack together with Vice! The Green tile represents the Forest element, and it seems the Forest on the field is raring to go.

Alchemy Stars Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can even see each Aurorian's attributes. Keep an eye out on your team's HP and be vigilant against eclipsites' attacks and damages!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Alchemy Stars cheat code - give: 6 star hero, x10 exclusive recruitment, lumamber, clear stage, nightium, star lare, pets, materials, anonymous gift, increase spire level
3. Shadow Apostles - creatures of unknown origin. They have been the mortal enemies of all communities since the begining of recorded history. Except for the Aurorians, almost no one can fight against them.
4. We can use Dove's Active Skill to change the starting point of the path before launching the attack!Dove's active skill let's her change locations. Use it to move to other tiles within range of the skill!
5. Active skills are divided into Preemptive Strike Skills and Non-preemptive Strike Skills. Preemptive Strike Skills can be used right when the battle begins! Active Skills must be used before connection, and will enter a cooldown period after use. Different Aurorians have different Active Skills, and the right combination of different skills can yield tremendous benefits!
6. Blinking Dove - Teleports to a selected location within a 3-tile distance. Deals 200% damage to 4 tiles in a across shape at that location. All active skills have a cooldown time, which means you'll need to wait for several rounds before using them again in battle!
7. Confirming the range of a chain combo is the most basic way to increase combat efficiency. The range of your Aurorians' different skills varies. Don't lift your finger after connecting, and you'll be able to preview the range of every skill. Adjusting th endpoint of the chain will change the area the Aurorian's skill affects. This is super important!
8. Aurorians have different skills, and any one of them can turn the tide of battle. Especially when these skills are used in combination! The more blue tiles there are around Vice, the stronger the effects on her skills will be.

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