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Month Card x1 - XUPEaRSMy
level up - raANojq3s
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vip 20 value pack - l32C7sBmN
fantasy/demon creatures - ogNFizKsi
off ad - CCBCNV43J
fragments - 71oA3R0gy
silver coin - YPUDb4nbF

Alchemy War 2 use cheats
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Game story

You wake, my master. We should take a walk out of the castle. We should wage war against traitors, to make them tremble in fear. I have already set up a portal to the traitor territory. Your troops will automatically lock the target according to the route. When all the enemies on a road are eliminated, priority will be given to the closer enemies. Please let me explain briefly. Enemy - they have assembled. Bottom - this is the gathering place for your troops. Now let's gather the team. Click to fight, they will automatically attack the enemy. After defeating all enemies you will win. The acceleration button below can speed up the battle.

Alchemy War 2 Hack Basics

We got alchemy dust. Can strengthen troops in the academy. In the academy you can see all the alchemy creatures. Each organism is cultivated. Can grow into a powerful fighter. The biological abilities have been slightly improved. Note that the maximum level of a creature cannot exceed your level. Please pay attention to the cultivation of organisms regularly. There is another important component of your army, all kinds of hero creatures. When you are fighting, you can summon hero creatures to fight for you. Tap the ground to summon hero creatures. They will release powerful skills when they play. I suggest you put him in the middle of the enemy team.

Hint & Tips

1.You have chosen the stunt of using creatures. Each unit's stunt has a different range. Please make sure your target enemy is in range. Click on the highlighted range and your creature will use its stunts to attack the enemy.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: dust, legendary hero, diamond, friendship points, special alchemy, evolve, fantasy/demon creatures, off ad, fragments, gems, silver coin
3. Heroes also cannot exceed your level. After reaching a certain level, the hero can also upgrade his skills. High level skills can play a key role in combat.
4. RTS - you can freely control the movement and attack of your troops. When a hero is present, your troops will follow the hero.
5. There are many important building in the main city. Your alchemy room - which provides many types of research. Different research requires different resources.
6. Creatures need to devour other creatures to complete evolution. Different creatures need to devour various types of other creatures as they evolve.

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