Cheats hack Allstar Random Defense code:Battle pass, princess pack, gold, emotion, crate of dias, legendary star chest Allstar Random Defense Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Allstar Random Defense hack cheat code List

Battle pass - use hack 9q1c4jaXi
daily pack - enter pass Q9v90DYa9
lucky chest - WVQQaubba
magic card - SIfpFz6Df
booster pack - 2l0gM0W45
princess pack - 4mHbpmHCI
Month Card x1 - GuTdUVpb8
gold - AOSw1Vkyd
daily gift bag x10 - OsapIKq1A
emotion - BEtVvHjHK
legendary star chest - rqY6jS1BG
upgrade - eM5FBZDez
level up - iWLy5t1bZ
secret combinations - K8jDvXImq
Beginner Pack - Pmf4KLsDe

Allstar Random Defense use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Enemies are invading the town we live in. How nice would it be if you helped me defeat the enemies. Let's try summoning all star to defeat the enemies. Sp are required to summon units. Try using all stamina points to summon all characters. You can merge identical heroes of the same grade to get higher grade. There is a lot of enemies surging. Try using a magic card to deal with the crisis. There are no magic points to use. You can get MP when increasing character's grade. Killed monsters appear at opponent's camp, so keep the timing wisely. You can now keep dealing with the enemies and hope you can last longer than your opponent.

Allstar Random Defense Hack Basics

You're doing a really great job. Now try a real face-off with players from all over the world. let me tell you about lobby function before you get into the real war. it's possible to unite with other players and protect the town together in party mode. By the way, i'm an all star member too! Can't wait when we meet to fight together. Join all star random defense launch event. See community page for more details. Remember, a random character of higher grade is created upon the merge. Description: different & unique characters, obtain and use tactical magic card, SD character from your own all star member team! Unite to defeat enemies in party mode. Stand stronger than your opponent in battle mode.

Hint & Tips

1. Della - inflict 100$ electric damage to 3 monsters. Russell - electrifies attacked monsters with certain probability.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: Battle pass, lucky chest, magic card, princess pack, gold, emotion, crate of dias, legendary star chest
3. Clash with a strong boss in party mode together with a friend. Master the wonderful heroes and magic cards to decide your dramatic final destiny.

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Allstar Random Defense Redeem code - premium gift box

1. I2bPo0n2OsifsXp
2. 323rouV6KglJG9g
3. XTGLXHZrQ0czUkk
4. jiUODCoGyo8U3zz
5. f5hqZJlK9xRqwWg
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