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elite summon x10 - use hack OeMpWrlSw
daily pack - enter pass bDS8GqSPr
friendship points - sckEb4wxa
codex - DJEVhpDKY
booster pack - ml15IgsPg
talents - HpLFRgdCC
Month Card x1 - vTbH6fats
upgrade - PMjPizQbh
daily gift bag x10 - Mtm7kQMh4
secret combination code - KVd4LYYzm
gold - 5KMZ6LOrE
evolve - eDKCdWJwO
wood - mYWbj9BsS
weekly box - sXwXIhUly
legendary weapon - XoChVGyvm
exclusive skin - sF51beL2M
premium equipment - C9rOUICkR
gems - BvflVSRlH
stones - b7UpVzykt
materials - Jg4ZHHB2k
shards - UEvyUk6Kn
gold - bPzjrG21n
crystals - dqirne3j0
stars up - Akm2m6RXg
sockets - 6DFCDRPwg

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Game story

Years ago, i, and many gods like me, lost my power in a doomed war. The world has been enshrouded in darkness ever since. You're our only hope to bring light back. You've been chosen by us, all the ancient gods you may or may not have head of. Now, follow my guidance. Don't let fear get the better of you. Be brave, and fight back. Identify and equip the sword you just acquired. Your power will increase beyond your wildest imagination. Many sacred books are scattered across this dungeon. Bring them to me, and i'll regain my power and fight by your side.

Along with Myths Hack Basics

The golden compass on you has gathered enough energy. Use your key to activate it. Then, we can summon more allies to help. Seems like the compass has summoned hero pacts. It's a good thing - they'll greatly enhance hero power, which will make our future battles easier. Game Description: Mowing - a hearty in mowing combat experience. Hang-ups - buddha placed free of spending. Skills - a large number of skills in random combinations. Brushing - the ultimate feeling of legendary equipment. Talents - to mix and match different genes freedom.

Hint & Tips

1. The season lasts a calendar month. Earn season points for completing daily quests and get unique prizes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: elite summon x10, friendship points, codex, talents, evolve, legendary weapon, exclusive skin, premium equipment, gems, stones, materials, shards, gold, crystals, materials, stars up, sockets
3. You can be matched with the linkage between card heroes and skill schools to enhance the game strategy playing

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Along with Myths Redeem code - premium gift box

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