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Amazing Cultivation Simulator Game story

Work Bonfire - A simple sourec of the fire built from firewood that can bring light and heat to its surrounding. It can also be used for simple cooking. Work place - Does not require any materials, just an area on the ground to make simple tools. Settled - The warm bonfire helped to relieve your tension and unease. After a brief discussion, you decided that you were far away enough from danger, so you should set up a temporary camp here. You have selected an area of storage, the characters will store items here. You can configure the filter to select the type of item stored.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator Hack Basics trucos

Click "Grow Plants" to choose a crop to be planted. You have selected a field, now you can select the crop to be planted in this field. Different plants have different soil requirements, such as temperature, lighting, etc. Pay attention to the plants' different needs and try to make sure that the plants have optimal growing conditions. You are issuing an order for batch tasks. Many orders (e.g. Place, Haul, etc.) can be issued in batch. Double click, drag and select or press down the Shift key to select multiple units and execute orders in batch.

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You have a Character that has been injured, refer to the Health menu for more information about the injury. The speed of recovery depends on the recovery ability of the injured character, the medical ability of the healer, and the medicine used. If the injured person is not recovering after being healed, try to improve one or more of these. Well - A source of water. Well water is more sanitary than water from the wilderness, and so is less likely to carry disease. Water Vat - A container for storing and cleansing water. It can be very convinient to have somewhere that requires the frequent usage of water. Wall - A basic structure which can be used to create a closed room. The room must be within 3-400 grids.

Amazing Cultivation Simulator Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Click on floor of the room to select this room. Then it will show room temperature and other stats. Can change the room name.You have constructed a room. In a room, temperature, Attractiveness and other attributes will be taken into account. Additionally, the room's layout, quality, etc. are also evaluated. You can click on the floor of a room to inspect the room itself.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Amazing Cultivation Simulator cheat code - give: resources, speed up, pets, shield, elements, premium characters, skills, weapons, armor, multiplayer mode, new location, dungeon .
3. A New Home - You seem to have gotten used to the life around here. Although it is not as reassuring as when you were still in the old sect, Life here is still self-sufficient enough. Why can't this also be a form of cultivation? This is a new home amidstb all the chaos and unrest. Will it be a nice beggining as well? Everyone is full of hope.

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