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Ancient Empires Game story

With the passing of the war against the forces of Darkness, the brothers Galamar and Valadorn are reunited in their rule of the kingdom of Thorin. The kingdom is slowly returning to it's peace time ways, protected by three ancient crystals safely guarded in the templesof Courage, Wisdom and Life, when rumours of skirmishes in the North reach the palace...

Basic controls: Let's go over some basic controls. Try tapping this one. This unit is a soldier. The blue tiles indicate how far he can move this turn. Try moving to the marked location. The enemies are just to the north. We can't reach the enemy just yet, so simply tap the soldier again to tell him to wait and end his turn. You got the idea. Go ahead and advance your other two units to move, end your turn by tapping the button in the bottom right corner. Also feel free to look around the map by dragging with your finger. Always a good idea to know the lay of the land. Ok, enemies are in range this turn. Select one of your soldiers and approach the enemy. Now you can attack.

Ancient Empires Hack Basics trucos

Nice job. As you can see, he strikes back. This is called a counter attack, and most close-range units will do this. However, he did a lot less damage than you. This is because wounded units deal reduced damage. Go ahead and attack with other soldiers. See this forest? Any unit standing on forest or mountains takes reduced damage, so try to take advantage of it when you can. Unfortunally they're also harder to move through. Most units move more slowly through difficult terrain like this. And standing on a road is about the worst thing you can do.

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Let's move the soldier to a better position and attack from here. This time your soldier received much less damage from counter-attack. Let's move the Archer now. He's a long-range unit that can fire 1-2 spaces away. No counter-attack this time because the Archer attacked from a distance. Moreover, the enemy's soldier is so wounded that very likely he will retreat. Let's take care for the other enemy's soldiers. Try to pick the Catapult. Catapults can't move and fire in the same turn. They also can't counter-attack. Make sure to keep them away from the front line. It's a powerful long-range unit that can fire 2-4 spaces away.

Ancient Empires Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Your commander is like a normal unit, but if he dies you can revive him in your castle.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Ancient Empires cheat code - give: recruit x10, fusion, legendary heroes, elerium, equipment, legendary hero, resource, speed up, instant research, weapons, auto combat
3. This is the castle. We can use this building to hire additional units. However, we need to capture it first. Select your commander and have him moved to the castle. Nice work, that castle is ours now. Let's use it to hire some reinforcements. What unit you hire is up to you.
4. Hiring units requires money, of course. You get money each turn. You get 50 gold for each castle and 30 gold for each village you control, so always try to seize as much territory as you can. Select your soldier and order him to capture a village. We need more gold.
6. Your unit is badly wounded. It's better to move him back and let restore his health points. Unit standing on a Well 20 health point each turn. Your castles and villages also heal your units.

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