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Ancient Fantasy use cheats
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Game story

Hello, valor. Welcome to Hell land! I will serve as the guide to show you around this place full of adventurers. Let's get to the Augury room first. The witches here can help us find powerful heroes. The augury room - using common augury in common crystal can help you find heroes from 1 star to 5 star. Using advanced augury in advanced crystal can help you find powerful heroes from 3 star to 5 star more easily than common. The next is the adventure zone - pass through portal to enter. Before the combat, we need to choose a zone to explore. Tap auto play to explore zone. You can obtain a trophy every once in a while in adventure state.

Ancient Fantasy Hack Basics

Each hero has its own faction. There is mutual countering relationship between different factions. Tap "i" to view the countering relationship between different factions. Faction counter will deal 30% extra damage and increase 15% precision. The hero will gain energy when launching attack or being attacked, and will cast skills after having full energy. In addition to Augury, the hero can also be obtained via shard combination. Accumulate shards to a certain amount to summon the hero. Dangerous adventure requires the help of powerful heroes. Undesired characters can be exchanged for soul dust here. Soul dust can be used for upgrading other heroes. The upgraded units become more and more powerful.

Hint & Tips

1. The hero will gain high earnings during the auto play exploration in current zone. The longer the auto play time, the better the rewards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: advanced crystal, friendship points, auguries, totem, gold, diamonds, energy, speed up, coins, experience, unlock territory
3. Drag the hero avatar to change the character's position. The heroes in the front row usually take more damage. The heroes in the back row will take chance to deal more damage.
4. Consuming diamonds to pray can grant plenty of gold. There's a free chance every day.

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