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Animal Doll Shop Game story

There was a red key inside the box. As soon as i saw it, i could immediately see what key it was. Grandpa Pepeto's doll shop key. I have seen it very often as i used to play at Grandpa's store until it is closed. Why is this me - I ran right into Pepeto's house as I had a gut feeling. The store was messed, and grandpa was no longer there. After that ugly rumors have circulated. Grandpa borrowed money from bad people because he could not pay it back.

Grandpa Pepeto - he is a legendary dollmaker who won world doll grand prix for nine consecutive years, as well as a founder of the world's largest doll making company King dolls. But the reason he came to this quiet rural village is he got frauded and lost everything by his business partner. That's why people called him ' unfortunate Pepeto". To find the meaning of the key grandpa left, I entered the doll school. And today, i finally graduate. Now it's time to go back to town, revive Pepeto House greater again.

Animal Doll Shop Hack Basics trucos

I want to greet customers right away! But there is an order in everything. Let's buy a claw machine as planned. Since i have a tight budget, i have to buy a cheap one. Sleepy dog - a new doll has been made. If you input the doll into the factory, new customers will begin to visit. Actually, this doll is also my graduation work. It was the most popular doll at the graduation exhibition. The number above the make a doll button means the number of dolls that can be made in a row! If you upgrade the master skill, you can increase the number limit.

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upgrade trucos - rwhTRwlWf
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Month Card x1 - QvvRM2DqR
booster pack - ELSuSPMGI
evolve - F9xmfnW89
enhance - MTxpDcsfR
Next, it's time to mass-produce dolls. Put the doll into the factory! Drag the doll and drop it on the input factory. The factory was built with a leading edge 3d printing technology. You will be surprised to see it. Isn't that amazing? It is no exaggeration to say that i have invested all the money i have saved. Put the doll in the capsule, and the capsule will automatically duplicate the doll. There is something to be aware of. Capsules run out of batteries every time it duplicates. Therefore, battery management is very important.

Animal Doll Shop Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The more you make a new doll, the more new customers will be coming. If you merge 2 dolls of the same grade, you can make a doll that ranks one more higher grade.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Animal Doll Shop cheat code - give: increase reputation, profit +500%, coins, grade up, claw machine, interior, employee, special material, off ads, daily gift, stars, gems, energy
3. If you input the doll into the factory new customers will begin to visit. Well none of customers are coming as we didn't promote it. Let's press the promotion button to promote in the street.
4. You must have understood all the basics of operation. If you combine the dolls in the pattern, you can make a special unit. First, prepare all the dolls you need. Then press the doll buttons in the design one by one. If you put the completed special doll into the factory, a very special customer will be coming.

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