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Anime Style Idol Manager Game story

Build your office: To start with, let's create Your Office. After all, you need a place to work! Build your office - Click on an unused part of the building to build a room there. Enter your office - Each staffer is represented by a "card" on this menu. You're the first (and so far, the only) staffer at Phamtasmal. On this menu, you can click on a staffer to change their nickname, or to fire them. Of course, you can't fire yourself, but you can give yourself a nickname if you'd like! As the Ul indicates, you're currently not assigned to any room. How about we move you over to that newly-created office? Grab your card by clicking on the handle (hand icon), and drag yourself over to your office. Nice! Look at you, already hard at work. This is the start of your journey as an idol manager!

Time - Here, you can see the current date. The green "progress" bar underneath the date indicates how close tomorrow is. The days go by so fast, don't they? If you need time to think or plan your next move, you can pause time by using this button. The "play" button will resume time, and the "fast- forward" button will cause time to move at an accelerated pace. Time will only pass when you're on this screen. Any time you're experiencinga story event, time will pause automatically.

Anime Style Idol Manager Hack Basics trucos

Auditions - You can't have an idol group without idols! It's time to hold some auditions! You can choose to hold local, regional, or nationwide auditions. Making a wider talent search with a regional or nationwide audition will increase the chance of getting a highly talented idol, but it will also cost a lot more. There's also a cooldown for holding higher tiers of audition. Auditions are planned from your office. Click on your office and select the "auditions" option. Let's hold a local or regional audition for now. The talent scout begins! It will take a few days for the audition to finish. It looks like the game is currently paused. Our talent scout won't progress if time isn't moving forward! Let's unpause it so that time can pass.

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As you can see, your portrait has a progress bar that will fill up as the audition gets closer to finishing. Remember, if you want time to progress faster, you can always press the "fast-forward" button. Just make sure not to lose track of time! It's a brand new day, and the talent scouting is finished! It's time to look at the audition candidates and decide who to hire. Click the "audition" icon over your head to see the candidates. Audition screen - Each audition finds five idols. Who they are is a mystery! Let's click on one of them to get started. Each idol has four stats that are based on their appearance, and four stats that are based on their talents. Next to each stat, you'll see two numbers. The first number is the current value of that stat. The second number, in brackets, is their potential for that stat. You can think of potential as a "soft cap": once an idol reaches their potential in a certain stat, once it will be much harder to raise that stat through training.

Anime Style Idol Manager Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Each idol has a unique trait. Some traits are beneficial, while others can be more of a hinderance than a help. You can click here to hire this girl to be an idol in your group. But hold up- before we hire her, let's take a look at the other candidates. Try clicking on each of the other idols to see how they stack up.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Anime Style Idol Manager cheat code - give: increase stats, stamina, promotion, performance, fans, friendship, influence, romance, jobs, bonds, extras, premium manager, research points, fame.
3. It looks like you were lucky enough to find a rare idol. That means she has pretty high starting stats, which will probably give her a head start over any of the other idols! The number above each idol's portrait down here represents their "overall rating." It's essentially an average of all of their stats, and it can help when comparing different idols. Since you're just starting out and have no idols, let's hire at least three idols to start out. Nice, you've hired three idols! It looks like there are two left in this batch. You can either hire them as well, or send them packing. Click the "finish" button when you're done.
4. Now that your group has idols, it's time to give them something to do! Let's go over to the "activities" tab. Every day. your group can perform an activity. "Spa treatment" will spend money to allow 3 idols recover some of their physical stamina.
5. Open up Menu - You can check friends here. You can view the status of the added friends. If you have added friends, you can send a party request or a whisper conveniently from here. If you know the name of a friend, you can search here. Don't sweat if you forgot to add an adventurer as a friend. You can always add from here. Make as many friends as you can. That will be much helpful.
6. At the bottom of the screen, you can see how many fans, money, and scandal points your group has. It looks like right now, your group doesn't have much of a following. Let's fix that by doing a "promotion" to gain new fans! You've got some fans. You can hover over your "fans" at the bottom of the screen at any time to see the current demographics of your group's fanbase. Now that it's a new day, let's plan a different activity for our group. It's time for a performance!
7. It looks like that brought in a bit of money. Remember, you can do one activity every day, so choose wisely! Since you're first starting out, it might be a good idea to do some more promotions to increase your fan following. By the way, the benefit you get from doing a daily activity is based on the level of that daily activity. Hover over each daily activity to see how you can unlock higher levels!
8. Unlocking higher level daily activities is one of the best ways to make faster progress as an idol group. If you're ever stuck, consider checking your daily activities and seeing what the requirements are to level up! Whenever your idols work, they spend stamina. You can check their stamina on the idol menu,
9. Idol menu - Here, you can see an idol's physical and mental stamina. Ordinarily, idols spend physical stamina when working, but if you force them to work when they're completely exhausted, it will drain their mental stamina instead. Both mental and physical stamina will recover over time, but mental stamina will recover much more slowly. These stats indicate your relationship with each idol. They indicate your friendship, influence, and romance level.
10. Friendship is a measure of how much an idol likes you. Increase it by socializing with them and generally being pleasant whenever you interact with them. Influence is a measure of how indebted an idol feels to you. Increase it by doing favors for her.
11. Romance is a measure of, well, you know. You might be able to increase it by flirting..but not everyone will respond well to those kinds of advances.
12. You can click on an idol to change her nickname, or put her on hiatus. Later, when you create multiple idol groups, you can also click on them to assign them to different idol groups. The "fans" tab will tell you about the demographic of her fanbase. The "jobs" tab will display any contracts an idol gets.
13. The "bonds" tab will display an idol's relationships with other idols in the group. You can click here to see who she's friends with, and to see which group members she might not be getting along with. It looks like we don't know very much about her current relationships with other members of the group. Let's socialize and get to know her better! From the idol menu, choose an idol and drag her card into your office.

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