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Aotu World Game story

Each day in Aotu World, truth falls ever further into decay. I see the destruction of rights. Rules that have become chains. The fall of civilization, the displacement of populations. O mighty Beholder, you devout followers send their prayers to you, once more. Please, give us a sign. I see the passing of time, unable to answer those earnest prayers. As the Beholder, judge of the Creator I shoulder a responsibility, one cannot be cast aside. ALERT. ALERT. Aotu Tournament under attack, force unknown. So, this is the Aotu Tournament! From now on, this whole place is my playgroung! Mobilize all Contestants, have them stop him!

Aotu World Hack Basics trucos

You'd better be prepared to face my wrath! The powers of darkness continue to spread. The might of the Contestants alone just isn't enough. What we need is one wtih the power to change fate itself...Are there any objections for the resurrection candidate this time? There exists no greater danger than that of the Aotu Tournaments's disruption. And nobody else can train the Contestants' Meta quite like they can. We sall wierd them as our newest weapon, use the rules of the Aotu Tournament to our advantage, and destroy this looming peril of ours.

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So the Seven really brought you back as an angel, sent to investigate the Darkfiends! This is great! Now we can work this whole mess out without breaking a sweat! On the battlefield, you can command your Contestants by tapping the blocks. Each color has a different effect. White blocks are Movement Blocks. Green Blocks are Defense Blocks. Tap them to increase your P.D.E.F. Red blocks are Attack Blocks. Tap them to launch an attack on an enemy unit. Purple blocks are Skill Blocks. King's Skill can strike multiple enemy units along a single trajectory. Referee Bot: Congratulations, Contestant King! You've defeated a Corrupted Boar, and your Score has risen 50 points...

Aotu World Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Completing daily quests grants EXP, so be sure to not miss any.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Aotu World cheat code - give: analysis Manual, Coin, exclusive outfit, battle pass, novice supplies, quick investigate, data card, gacha tokens, starluna packs, tournaments coins, 100x draw attempts
3. Duplicate contestants you gain will be automatically converted into tokens for that contestant.
4. Set an allied unit's adjacent blocks to Special Blocks and restore the HP of the agjacent ally with the lowest HP.
5. I'll throw a couple supply Chests into the battlefield to help you out. Tap them to claim them. Raising the level of Bond unlocks new content and rewards. With the joystick at the bottom left, move Contestants toward the Chest and they'll jump toward it!
6. When two Contestants are able to launch an attack upon the enemy unit, it'll create a golden Group Attack Block. Once tapped, the Contestants will switch positions whilst launching a powerful Group Attack.
7. Group Attack - Each attacker in group attacks once, dealing damage to the enemy.
8. Epic blocks and special blocks that grant unique effects that differ depending on the contestant.
9. There's a great range of support systems to help you out in Aotu World. Let's go over a few of them.
10. This is the Events system. Tap to check the latest information and claim rewards. The battle system is where you can enter battle. This is the Contestant management system, used in improving Contestants' battle abilities. This is the Bond system. Here you can interact with the Contestants. Last is the Inventory system. Here you can check the items you own.
11. You can claim rewards here after logging in each day. There's also a chance to Quick Investigate! Quick Investigate grants you 6 hours' worth of Exploration loot. Do you want to Quick Explore? First Quick Investigate of the day is free.
12. Gacha Token Redeem - Select the amount of Gacha Tokens you'd like to redeem. Complete Achievements to claim their rewards. Rewards will be automatically issued to the Treasury after Level Enlightenment.

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