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bond - use c92aQvSJI
off ads - W1VcKUso5
secret combination - qgpK0e8tx
outfits - 63IQNWj54
double rewards - Yv3GQtfie
coins - RcdwslhQY
data card#32;- lbHLNEa1Z
gacha - hchiS1IRF
starter package - a58SRBMZL
admin panel - bBbh2NhYf
speed up - YAJqQXaFg
starluna pass - use EgtCX7hQI
tournament coins - Lcbpp8VJ5
activity - UDjQrLhVP

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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

On the battlefield, you can command your contestants by tapping the blocks. Each color has a different effect. White blocks are movement blocks. Tap them to move.Green blocks are defense blocks. Tap them to increase your physical defense. Red blocks are attack blocks. Tap the to launch an attack on an enemy unit. Purple blocks are skill blocks. King's skill can strike multiple enemy along a single trajectory. Epic blocks are special blocks that grants unique effects that differ depending on the contestant. The contestant looking to enlighten must be part of the party.

AOTU World Hack Basics trucos

King's been injured. We need a medbot their skills heal allied units. Tap on a purple skill block. Healing order - healing set an allied unit's adjacent blocks to special blocks and restore the HP of the adjacent ally with the lowest HP. I'll throw a couple supply chests into the battlefield to help you out. Tap them to claim them. When two contestants are able to launch an attack upon an enemy unit, it'll create a golden group attack block.

enter cheat (AOTU World gift codes):
upgrade trucos - z0J07kUHf
level up - AzJPe65hl
daily pack - enter pass es7OvaWV1
admin account - FoJOxsnPG
Month Card x1 - 3GdnTLUgC
booster pack - 49aXEGg9o
evolve - 4Xo4zGwHL
enhance - KBNesyLSt
Group attack - each attacker in group attacks once, dealing damage to the enemy. Once tapped, the contestants will switch positions whilst launching a powerful group attack. Look, there's a a chest! With the joystick at the bottom left, move contestants toward the chest and they'll jump toward it. Contestant - this is the hero management system, used in improving contestants' battle abilities. There's still much to learn out there in Aotu world. You'll have to explore it all for yourself from now on!

AOTU World Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. having 10/20/30 similar shaped blocks on a contestant's board grants a resonance effect.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: bond, outfits, coins, data card, gacha, starluna pass, tournament coins, activity, admin panel, secret combinations
3. Duplicate you gain will be automatically converted into tokens for that contestant. A contestant may only trigger one group attack per turn.
4. Rewards in Idle investigation accrue for a maximum of 12 hours, so be sure to claim them often.

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