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Ape Warfare hack cheat code List

materials - use AURKnBPNb
off ads - ywRCKdxRV
secret combination - 3Mc4n6NMr
premium weapon - yXAKisYVf
double rewards - p3UPIOWRD
legend treasure chest - WcC21dPtT
keys - nGjNJJXL5
power up - hbBDRY1Vd
starter package - pAvoTx7Yp
admin panel - 2yb40JP9a
ascend - jwYDQGgX5
talent points - use nKycJKJVj
coins - QWagaj1aE
emergency - iy3Ef1vJH
gems - A28ZSzEro
skins - oBbKEuC6p

Ape Warfare use cheats
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Game story

There is a new virus outbreak worldwide. Large number of humans mutate into zombies. Apes have also evolved because of the virus. Apes discovered that the virus originated in a lab. In the lab, there may be a promotion that can turn the zombies back into humans. TO save human friends, apes embark on a journey. This city is the birthplace of the virus. Go ahead and have a look, you might find something. There are a group of zombies blocking the way. Go ahead and kill them.

Ape Warfare Hack Basics trucos

The weapon in your hand collects the remaining energy of a zombie after it has died. When the energy tank is full, it can release a powerful killing skill. According to our previous investigation, a researcher once lived in the front area. This researcher used to work in the lab. we may find some clues in his house. We need more powerful weapon, so let's find them nearby.

enter cheat (Ape Warfare gift codes):
upgrade trucos - kBYEdeQEZ
level up - ZXbCV0jqC
daily pack - enter pass ay1g8yzma
admin account - LLnsMRwC0
Month Card x1 - l1y2AuXaI
booster pack - ngw0mPXri
evolve - qR5Q9Gk98
enhance - dzp2XV12L
A large group of zombies is approaching, use new weapons to destroy them. Look, there is a strange box, pick it up and take a look. The treasure chest may contain powerful weapons. The shrapnel is suitable for combat in open terrain, it's ideal for exploring area. According to reliable information, a secret laboratory once existed in this city. At least we found a lot of coins, which can be used to upgrade weapons.

Ape Warfare Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. By consuming materias, you can upgrade the level of the weapon. There are more zombies than expected, we have to find a way to communicate with the outside. Activate the communication tower, maybe we can contact the weapon merchant nearby. It will take some time to start the towers, we need to protect them from destruction before that.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Ape Warfare cheat code - give: materials, premium weapon, keys, legend treasure chest, power up, ascend, talent points, coins, emergency, gems, off ads
3. By consuming the same type of weapon, you can increase the a star rank. Each time you upgrade a weapon's level and star rating with an enhancer, a portion of the energy is returned to the user, which increases the user's level. Upgrade any talent to gain a powerful bonus to battlefield properties.

Ape Warfare Hack tools Version:


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