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AQ First Contact Game story

Welcome, you now have access to your own station and fleets. Lets get you up to speed. Left side - this is the main menu, from here you can access your mail, corporation, leaderboards, inventory and more. Station menu - your station has several modules for ship construction, research, crafting and fleet management. Lastly, bottom bar - from here you can switch between your station view and the galaxy map. Your fleet status will also be shown here. We have a new mission, lets view the galaxy map and find our target. Tap on the galaxy button.

AQ First Contact Hack Basics trucos

The aquila universe has expanded into several regions, these massive regions contains thousands of fleets. All mining, trading and helping grow Aquila into a prosperous system. Some regions are more dangerous than others. The disputed region is at war, AQ security recommends avoiding this region unless you have very powerful fleets. The frontier region is more peaceful, a smaller warp gate means no titans can access it. It is a great place to start exploring. Sometimes AQ security will issue rewards for dealing with pirates, these targets are marked as HUNTS on your map. Hunts must be completed solo.

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Missions and hunts are quick battles, our fleets can warp directly to them. Your target fleet is listed here, along with the rewards. Lets dispatch a fleet and get right into the battle. Multiple fleets are useful for attacking different targets. Some areas of space have restrictions on what fleets can fly there, any restrictions are show here. Each fleet can have 3 ships, this area shows your ships and their strength. Tap dispatch to send a fleet to this sector.

AQ First Contact Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Tap and drag to issue orders to your ships. Drag to a position to move. Drag to an enemy ship to attack. Selecting a ship will show it's abilities, activate abilities by tapping their icon.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter AQ First Contact cheat code - give: premium sheep, ore, pyrite, resources, weapons, shields, fittings, cells, subsystem, rigging, rank up, crate cashe, large credits, extra perks, xeno fragments
3. You can change to a manual camera by tapping the camera icon at the top of the screen.
4. Ship hanger - here you can store ships you no longer want to use in your fleets. Ships moved here can also be scrapped for rewards. Tap on the ship to view it, you can then move it into your active fleets.
5. The ship inspector shows a quick overview of a ship. Here you can see all weapons, fittings and other items equipped on this ship. Each fleet contains 3 ships, you can unlock more fleets by upgrading your shipyard. Each fleet has a strength rating, strength is also show in the sector view.

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