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resources - use 3psq3xw4N
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secret combination - QaGJP04Gv
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craft material - enter XZmPCijSv
gear - jk78wzAhT
development pack - 334L7sDVs

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Arab Conquests Game story

Construct a Farm in the countryside. My lord, empire has fallen apart, for the survival, we must develop. It's a serious situation; we must reclaim the farmland to guarantee the logistics. The Farm can produce food, which is required for the upkeep of your troops. My lord, your mercy had spread all over the land, I hope to make my humble effort to help you recover the empire! Although Burkle joined us, we still need more talents. Let's recruit some in the Hero Tower. You can get Hero Token with Silver, later you can recruit one with enough Tokens! Let's recruit more powerful hero with Gold! It's amazing that you recruited Bilal, who has a great physique and superb fighting skills. He is just the person for the Vindicator! My lord, you can check all your heroes here. General Burkle and Bilal have served, now you need a commander!

Arab Conquests Hack Basics trucos

Now you can use the Tokens to recruit hero! You need assign him a position. Tap the Commander post. Let's lead our commander to battle! Now you have 1 commander! But we are short of troops, let's train some! Barrack a place where to train infantry which has high HP and low ATK features. They are good at defending. Know yourself and your enemy, you'll never lose a battle. It's time to make adventure nearby. All right, let's march! You are the wise king that we always admiring, please let us follow you! This is our world that full of killing and chaos! People desire for the national unity! Now let's make a try to defeat some monsters. We can move out once you choose the hero and troops.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - LYHyeqBoU
level up code - yKy6jmHT8
daily pack Arab Conquests cheat - enter pass 1prFZfBuC
admin account - X2tEiRUTB
Month Card x1 - KWKzAGK6r
booster pack - yDdNpDvzD
evolve - 6QSmqYaSu
enhance - HqRFFN89A
My lord, congratulate to your first blood! Defeat enemies can capture slaves that you can send to dig Gold or produce soldier. There is chance to loot chest in battle, which contains gem, material, Hero Token and Troops scroll, etc. Battle EXP will be put into the EXP Pot, you can distribute it to any heroes. Let's open the chest at the Sage! Magic chest can only save 4 at most, and you need activate and open by yourself after a certain time. You can get upgrade items in the chest, so remember to loot. If you have any questions about the empire development, you can review the tutorial. Reward can be claimed for your first check! Under your wise rule, the day of the Empire's revival will come soon! Go ahead and do it! Congrats my lord, you finished the novice guide, you can claim the rewards in mail.

Arab Conquests Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. My lord, you can boost the constructing building, claim the speed up pack in mail!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Arab Conquests cheat code - give: resources, speed up, vip, silver, gold, token, gems, stone, food, iron, wood, instant research, activity points, craft material, gear, development pack
3. Do you need pop-up message for using Gold? If you don't need it, you can close in Option-Settings.
4. Activate VIP to enjoy privileges.
5. You can research techs in here to enhance troop power, increase resources production. Let's research the Construction Speed to quicken the building speed.
6. Congratulate on unlocking the Labs, you can craft gears, combine materials, gems and embed gems in here. Let's have a look. Now we are available to craft gear, but let's have a look how to get materials. You can purchase material chest in Store. Also you can loot from quest, monsters, etc. Now you know how to get materials, let's craft!
7. The gear quality is depended on the material. The rate under the material let you know the gear quality possibility.
8. Gear that embedded with gem will become more powerful. Suit up suitable gear for heroes will maximize the effect of gear.Range is a place where to train archer which is effective against cavalry.
9. City Hall is your command post. Upgrade to unlock more buildings, increase hero level upper limit and troop marchin size. Don't forget to claim the City Hall Pack once upgraded!
10. Hero level up can get skill point. Let's check how it work! There are 3 kinds of skill: Combat, Internal and Defend. You can assign the point to the hero as you wish.

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