Cheats hack Arab Fantasy code:rune, weapons, partner recruit, treasure seal, materials, energy, item, spaceballs, boss challenge Arab Fantasy Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Arab Fantasy hack cheat code List

rune - use hack XBEbkUxBD
daily pack - enter pass wN2dawHHH
weapons - lP2I8eFXI
partner recruit - jLWVH1adE
booster pack - FNOeABeKf
exclusive dress - vqtiVCaQ2
Month Card x1 - 08mvNmIyz
treasure seal - zd0tNhaj2
daily gift bag x10 - gJX3eTMx8
secret combination code - I4fVZsw8P
materials - aZKsyN5lt
energy - IKAkL2g6x
legendary item - BQnS8xu7y
upgrade - UtQ9pWAq6
level up - tubbdD4kg
spaceballs - Iz9bI2dZo
feather - Z4cZw74q7
boss challenge - RO9Yd5VZB
ambergris - DuKJ6YkzI
weapon upgrade - ZGSqQqZqB
battle pass - qboiqeHCP
essence - 46xEu1i4w
furniture - x4o42musd

Arab Fantasy use cheats
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Game story

Seal of the ancient book is now broken. Characters of the book rushed into the real world. Is this a good thing or a nightmare. Are you the guy open the book? You are in trouble! You untied the seal of Arabian nights, all the pages turn into white, characters are rushing into the real world. We were just fighting that magician, while in all of a sudden a strong wind brought me here, and my princess disappeared without trace. The magician uses his power to open the portal, so he must have come to this world like me. The book is trembling again, like something is coming out of it.

Arab Fantasy Hack Basics

Berserker - a unruly fighter, wield a mighty two handed sword. Swordman - a well trained warrior, require abilities for both ATK and DEF. Assassin - a calm killer with an agile mind, strike using a pair of daggers. Archer - an expert marksman, shoot with a bow and arrows from distance. Sage - a learned mage, demolish foes with powerful offensive spells. Warlock - magician specialize in element arts, conquer enemies with magic stick. Collect fragments cna help restore hero strength. Open personal panel to upgrade your partner.

Hint & Tips

1. Building home needs such a lot of materials that we have to travel many places to collect them all. Sometimes i do admire birds can fly everywhere on wings.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: rune, weapons, partner recruit, exclusive dress, treasure seal, materials, energy, legendary item, spaceballs, feather, boss challenge, ambergris, weapon upgrade, battle pass, essence, furniture
3. The magic carpet was one of the wonder properties found in the cave of treasures, you can fly to wherever you like with it. For the view in air is limited, you are unable to discover certain events during your flight. You can reach distant places with ease, only cost a little bit walking energy. All these energy will recover after time.

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Arab Fantasy Redeem code - premium gift box

1. iLlTJuDlg0wQzRh
2. 05irtbvYIAcsxM1
3. 6yqnfSdQAevCZfC
4. 7gINNuO2zhgGaJ6
5. qE8jC1aE3x4gvmA
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