Cheats hack Arabian Nights code:legendary hero, treasure chest, fragments, resources, gold, recruit x10, weapon, talent Arabian Nights Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Arabian Nights hack cheat code List

legendary hero - use J7jLw83TJ
treasure chest - CZ6bBQ9qC
secret combination - HKAa9Rh6E
fragments - byxpPaWoG
double rewards - jeNuyk2Dp
resources - uTdPakpSG
off ad - 99ClH7MLY
unlock characters - 90zxGXGjV
speed up - tCpOioqtY
admin panel - AYkYuQ33I
gems - yIDwYKFkP
gold - use UkrC7xobU
daily special offer - CG4FsoYF9
recruit x10 - use VChMzuRoH
weapon - H2HCEeHzC
talent - UmLXFhyg4
rune - use lWJNj3rUP
dress - jLdhQUEVc

Arabian Nights use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Seal of the ancient book is now broken. Characters of the book rushes into the real world. is this a good thing or a nightmare. Are you the person open the book? We're in trouble! Seal of arabian night is broken, characters are rushing in the really. Now the magician has taken my magic lamp, we need it to reorder our worlds. The book is trembling again, there comes a stableman. Restore him to the book, and he'll be your battle partner. Use the teammate skill to deal greater DMG. Alladin - an adventurous young boy with a huge heart. One of the first characters to enter the real world, he held onto his consciousness with the help of the Genie of lamp. Great, we have a good helper now! Let's arrange the battle lineup to have him field with us.

Arabian Nights Hack Basics trucos

Open roster to change teammate lineup. The power of partner's skill is based on the attributes of main character, and the attributes of in lineup partners will contribute to increase the attributes of main character in the same time. Collect the fragments can help retrieve unit power. You need a teammate of a corresponding attribute to break the seal. Alladin of fire deals greater DMG to poison type enemies.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - S1sc1HvaN
level up - qXZ1iK0O6
daily pack - enter pass ib9Zmku1z
admin account - xwmNA3cZg
Month Card x1 - 79xKv8TZP
booster pack - eT8G6pJ9h
evolve - eQeNPl3ev
enhance - SLCCWglxt
Characters: berserker - an unruly fighter wielding a mighty two handed sword. Archer - an expert marksman who prefers to fight at a distance. Mage - a magic user who demolishes foes with powerful offensive spells. Warlock - an adventurer skilled in the elemental arts. Assassin - a fighter who prefers to attack from the shadows with their twin daggers. Swordsman - a well trained with balanced stats.

Arabian Nights Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can reach distant places with ease, with only a little cost of your walkiry energy. All these energy will recovery after time.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary hero, treasure chest, fragments, resources, gold, recruit x10, weapon, talent, rune, dress, gems
3. Magic carpet - you can gather and receive quests while on the carpet. Exploring the map and collecting teammates will help you win harder battles. You can hunt for treasury by magic carpet. Disembark the carpet and return to this location.
4. Public treasures are available for a limited time.

Arabian Nights Hack tools Version:


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1. GpmJecD5yj55DDQ
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10. Du2JBV6lCbMSB5Q
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