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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Battle controls: try attacking after you move. Tap the screen to move halt. The red marker shows halt's attack range. Tap the physical attack button to attack. The damage done to an enemy varies according to the direction of attack. By attacking from behind, you deal the most damage to the foe and are less susceptible to counterattacks. Tap the screen to go around behind the enemy. After tapping on an enemy, the character will move until the enemy is in attack range.

Arc The Lad R Hack Basics trucos

When the MP is full, you can unleash powerful active skill. The MP is restored each turn. Now your MP is full, let's try the active skill. The blinking icon indicates that the active skill is ready. Tap the icon to use the skill. If you tap on an enemy that is far away, you will automatically move to a position where you cna attack them. You can move characters by sliding on the screen. Be flexible with sliding and tapping to move the character to your liking.

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upgrade trucos - 28GOZ1ghC
level up - z4gxLH90N
daily pack - enter pass TtmqybX4F
admin account - 7ZJJFHCLT
Month Card x1 - fYKkPUCd9
booster pack - SglGQT8Rv
evolve - LGJ2txqqR
enhance - 9dCnFaI1X
Some characters have auto skill (passives that automatically activate as you take actions). Mizuha has an auto skill called 'auto healing'. Move her closer to halt to help him recover. Home screen - you cna access various features from here. Tap the quests icon and see what quests there are. In Arc the lad R, you travel the world in airships. On the top left of the home screen is the tutorial navigator, a feature which helps you progress. You will earn rewards for completing the navigator steps. Tap it and do the quest.

Arc The Lad R Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You can't change members once you're in the ruins, so choose carefully. The deeper you go, the better the treasure. But hurry back if it gets dangerous.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Arc The Lad R cheat code - give: encrypted token, character recruitment x10, rank up, resources, gold, diamonds, fragments, speed up, equipment, skins
3. Game descriptions: fight to restore the world; postion units to counterattack; 50+ playable characters, five character unit types; battle in PvP arena; unlock class changing costumes; strengthen characters with gears; challenge the Forbidden ruins; vertical display simple controls.

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