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Arcana Tactics use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Summoner! Get up, you can't give up now! Get into formation! The demons are already here! Drag heroes to deploy them to the battlefield. Try deploying the swordsman. When you're done preparing for battle, tap on start to begin the battle immediately. Battles will be carried out automatically. Once the wave ends, you will earn rewards including heroes, items, gems, or mana cubes. Obtained units are stored in your inventory, at the bottom. When you're preparing for the next wave, the shop will be opened. You can use two types of currency at the shop to purchase heroes or items. First, try using the gems you obtained to purchase a hero. Second, deploy characters you own to prepare for battle.

Arcana Tactics Hack Basics

Just like the battle you completed, if you cannot defeat all enemies within the initial time you will be granted additional time, and the enemies will grow stronger. That's why it's a good idea to defeat your enemies within the initial given time. When you lose a battle, you will lose a life. When you lose all of your lives, it's game over. When you lose a boss battle, you will lose more than one life, so do be careful. Mana cubes are a rare currency that you can use to buy special effects at the shop. You can expand your field to deploy more heroes to the battlefield. It's a good strategy to fully utilize your heros' classes and their positions on the field. To face off against more powerful enemies, you should combine the heroes you own and create stronger ones. You can combine units based on formulas to get heroes of higher grade. You can view all available formulas in combo index. The point of this battle is to strategically combine the heroes you randomly obtain to form a strong party.

Hint & Tips

1. When you use the healing potion, lives are restores. Items have unique effects, use them strategically to make sure the battle goes in your favor. Based on the effects, the way you use an item will differ. SOme items, you'll have to drag directly to a hero, while others, you'll need to create an entirely different item to use it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: summon scroll, legendary items, gems, mana cubes, wipeout tickets, stamina, gold, diamonds
3. When you complete all stages within a chapter, the next chapter will be unlocked. A hard difficulty, which will present you with more challenging battles and special rewards, will be unlocked in the future. You can find info on the stage you selected within the chapter menu. Check for details like wave info, Bosses, rewards, and Gimmicks (the challenge you'll face). You can also find out about additional rewards you can claim when you complete star challenges.
4. The heroes that can help you clear stage are shown as recommended. Tap an opponent's profile to view more information.
5. Once you complete all star challenges, wipeout will be enabled. You need wipeout tickets and stamina to make use of wipeout.

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