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Archangel Rise of Immortal Game story

Select Nation:
Ren - It's an alliance for technology and commerce, initially, it was an open society, but as technology advances, it is changing to an elite center. Then try to have the power of God by studying celestial stones.
Mika - It is a kingdom that values tradition and history. It was a society with a clear social class, but the uprising of the people succeeded. The royal family and the civil parliament rule together now. They seek to revive through celestial stone research.
With the sudden impact of a giant comet, our planet Earth has encountered an end of existence. This unexpected tragedy is called the "Trial of God". The land is divided into many pieces, and it destroyed people's life. Humankind faces a hopeless crisis and endless despair. In this hopeless era, Mankind found a powerful energy source called "Celestial Stone". And people used this energy to create "Goddess", the only hope of humankind. With "Celestial Stone" and "Goddess", they dreamed about prosperity, and it finally happened. But this prosperity has divided people into two nations, a and people destroy their peace and life with their own hands again. Without knowing the upcoming danger, mankind are huge wars and encountered the second trial...

Archangel Rise of Immortal Hack Basics trucos

The HQ has prepared a Floating Island for us in advance. Let's find out what's going on a Floating Island! From "Island", you can manage, discover and develop Floating Islands. Floating Islands produce All Types of Resources that upgrade your fleets. Your Floating Island will be managed by the designated minister. But buildings have to be managed by you, commander! Each Building is responcible for a specific resource! Buildings have to be upgraded in order to increase resource production. Let's upgrade city hall, which produces Gold! Gold production increases as the City Hall upgrades. Gold is used for goddess training, upgrading buildings, producing fleets, ect.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - 6xC26UgrM
level up code - Rj7d1RstK
daily pack Archangel Rise of Immortal cheat - enter pass IVGG9rp9V
admin account - gm49dCtM6
Month Card x1 - iPDBp8ND4
booster pack - SOxVjaN28
evolve - 6vYE2YOBT
enhance - T6bl73xWh
From "Fleet", you can build new fleets and deploy fleet captains. Let's deploy a fleet captain first! Let's move on to the next level!Your fleet is ready to be deployed and take down the enemy fleet! Let's train your battle skill in advance! Try summoning greater Heroes. Heroes above grade A can use combat skills. You will win the battle with the following conditions: Destroy all or more than 80% of enemy fleets within 50 turns. Next step is to enhance your fleets in order to defeat much stronger enemies! You can enhance your fleets from "Technology" by researching and enhancing weapons, fleets, and buildings. You need enough Tech Power, Celestial Stones, Gold, and Mineral. You can also enhance your fleets with heroes! You can get heroes from the "Summon" tab. You can summon a hero for Free every 24 hours!

Archangel Rise of Immortal Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Not only summoning, but also training heroes is very important! You can train your heroes from the "Hero" tab! Training Heroes require Training Book items. The higher the training level, the greater the number of required training books!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Archangel Rise of Immortal cheat code - give: gold, action points AP, diamonds, mineral, tech power, celestial stones, special summon ticket, friendship points, advanced summon, awakening, superior EXP book, SR hero, resource, hero of war package, chaotic topaz, eternal garnet, soul sapphire
3. You have one more battle training session left! You can build and upgrade your fleets with heroes now! It's not that hard, so please follow my lead! Fleets require at least 3 essential equipments: Engine, Weapon, and Armor. Your new fleet needs a captain to be deployed!
4. You can now organize a strong squadron! From the "Formation" tab, you can make squadrons and produce fleets!
5. Change your squadron's formation is an important strategy for victory! Pay attention on Electric Power! Each type of ship requires different amount of electric power! Don't forget to Save your squadron!
6. Summon greater Heroes. Heroes above grade S can use attack skills.
7. Change your battle formation. The fleets in front are attacked first.
8. You can keep going by clearing many other missions! Once you reach level 10, you can participate Celestial Siege! But first you need to finish some special missions! Special missions will guide you on each contents!
8. Resources produced on floating islands allow us to research science, acquire new skills, produce more resources, develop more powerful ships, and build more fleets.
9. Upgrade "Technology Center" first to research stronger fleets. Reduce upgrade costs by enhancing "Construction Cost Reduction".
10. Take over as many tiles as possible through the fierce war. Each tile provides Celestial Stones which can be used for new floating island development or Tech research. Seize the tiles and take Celestial Stones. Collecting insignia gives you a chance to get a powerful Hero.
11. Enhance - Improve the basic capabilities of facilities on floating islands and fleet components. Build more effective facilities and powerful fleets through steady enhancement. Research is essential to establish a strong national infrastructure. Invest your remaining APs in research!
12. Fleet Research - Research new fleet components here. Research requires Tech Power and Celestial Stones. Upgrade your Technology Center and research strong fleet components. Complete research of Combustion Engine I in Ship Research. Developing new fleets/weapons is important, but upgrading your weapons and ships is also effective. Research engines, armors, and devices, too!
13. Strong Heroes are essential to possess strong fleets. Level up your Heroes and use textbooks to strengthen their speciality and skills. Check the specialities of Heroes, arrange them in the appropriate fleet, and equip with suitable weapons. Strengthen your Hero with textbook items!

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