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buildings - use LKYLEcdN6
off ads - K2o3qSFDT
secret combination - n9fIZrFSa
resources - RYMm4YFEt
double rewards - k8CLUZb7E
gold - tw966K8MP
defense - LgnKKGuFz
traps - Faqxu3Leh
starter package - R0cc2jTbH
admin panel - SirDlOWwU
legendary hero - czy8iAdpP
gems- use k3vRHrO8V
increase island size - ldQdRLhNb
speed up - nZQBmFbbL
shield - jFFL6pkdK
battle pass - use 3RCVKzyOi
activity points - hpDbCLyp8

Archer Bash use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

This is your first island. Right now we only have our HQ. We need to build some towers to defend it from other raiders. Build gold mines to generate more gold which we can spend on towers to defend these vulnerable buildings. Upgrade HQ to level 3 to increase island size. The HQ is the heart of your base, protect it at all costs! The majority of your money is stored within this buildings. The storing limit will increase with HQ levels.

Archer Bash Hack Basics trucos

Buildings: Gold mine - generates gold every minute for your base. The higher the level of the mine the more gold it can store and produce. Tap the building to collect the gold from all the mines you have in your base. Gold storage box - the fastest way to increase the maximum gold storage available in your base. Arrow tower - fires an arrow towards your enemies, dealing a decent amount of damage if it hits.

enter cheat (Archer Bash gift codes):
upgrade trucos - ZOaProZAe
level up - 8j7G79G1n
daily pack - enter pass EORqWkT0s
admin account - rdwc4Se3o
Month Card x1 - MqBsluaQT
booster pack - arqzIr8jb
evolve - QfcZFzJTx
enhance - GmdZ3i4TJ
Hero: Reina (reindeer) - a powerful mage harnessing the power of ice, with the ability to freeze both enemies and towers. Passive ability: Knocks back enemies with basic attacks. Skills: special - ice nova: Reina slams the ground causing a frosty nova to be produced from her staff. It damages and freezes any target caught in its radius. Ultimate - blizzard: Reina unleashes a barrage of snow and ice that freezes all creatures and buildings in the map for a short while.

Archer Bash Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Basics controls: Stop moving to attack. Move to dodge attacks. Use your special ability yo destroy things faster. Some buildings spawn enemies. Destroy the rest of the base to win!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Archer Bash cheat code - give: buildings, resources, gold, defense, traps, legendary hero, gems, increase island size, speed up, shield, battle pass, activity points
3. Total storage full? Upgrade or spend coins to increase the limit.
4. There are many layouts to discover! Press next to uncover more. Press claim, to switch your island, all buildings are safe but they may be sent back to your build menu.

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